Sunday 24 February 2019
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Why You’re Crazy To Do DIY Pest Control

There are heaps of home renovation shows out there that have turned many of us into keen DIYers, but that doesn’t mean that ALL things should be done yourself, like DIY pest control, for example.

Just like you don’t touch wiring if you’re not an electrician or you don’t try to unblock drainage if you’re not a plumber, treating your home for things like termites could leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket down the track and regretting your DIY decision.

But what I hear many people say is that they DIY pest control because it’s cheaper and it fits into their budget. Ask yourself. Is buying a $20 of pest spray from the hardware store worth a $5000 bill to fix up walls that have been eaten by termites?

You can’t see what a professional pest inspector can

There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional pest inspector. When you buy a $20 pest spray, all you can rely on is the label to know what to do and what to look for. Then, like many others, you have to resort to Google to answer your pest questions. The internet is full of falsities and doesn’t beat having someone there on your property.

An experienced pest controller will be able to see what you can’t, they’ve been doing it for years and have seen hundreds more houses than you have.  They also have special equipment that can pick up traces of termites behind walls. You wouldn’t be able to see that, would you?

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Is it safe?

Even though you can purchase a pest spray over the counter, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Many store bought pest sprays are toxic and can potentially cause harm to pets, humans or plants.  Professional pest inspectors are fully knowledgeable on the spray that they use and will put all necessary safeguards in place.

Which product?

When you resort to DIY pest control, do you know what product to use? Just because ants and termites are similar, doesn’t mean you can eradicate termites with ant baits. You’ll likely find yourself unsuccessful and spend more money on baits than needed. You might also find yourself carrying out numerous treatments because you’ve identified ant as termites.

What about the environment?

We all want to look after the environment as best we can, but by taking a DIY approach to pest control, you can put your surrounding environment at risk.

Let’s say you’ve got a wasp problem outside. You spray the wasps but don’t realise the spray has blown over to the flowering tree and killed the honey bees. A professional pest inspector considers situations like this before carrying out any pest control.

Does DIY have a warranty?

If you buy ant baits or pest spray from the hardware store, you can always retain your receipt and take it back. But when it comes to a professional pest inspector, they usually have warranties. Always check their terms and conditions first, but you’ll find that if they carry out pest control and your home is infested within a certain period after the treatment, they will come out again until it’s rectified.

So next time you consider your pest control, put your time, energy and money into perspective. The risk of DIY isn’t worth it. Once a professional pest inspection is done, it’s done for another year, and you can enjoy your other DIY projects.

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