Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Why move to Greeley Colorado?

Why move to Greeley Colorado?

Moving to a new city is one of the hardest things to do. Uprooting your whole life and starting a new one comes with a concoction of feelings; a small part of you might feel optimistic about this new chapter in your life while another feels “this was a bad idea.” If you are a parent, your kids will also be affected by this big change, either positively or otherwise. Irrespective of whether you find a new job or still the old wack job of yours, there comes a time when change is inevitable. Moreover, in a case, you are moving to GREELEY COLORADO? Positivity is all that waits!

Greeley Colorado is the most populous municipality in Weld County and the 12th Most populous city in Colorado, United States. Greeley is located about 49 miles northeast of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver. It is a municipality with a population of over 100,000 and a major city of the Front Range Urban Corridor. There’s no denying it; Greeley is a great place to live. It has a lot of amenities and attractions; great schools, quality health care services, cultural attractions and recreational opportunities make it is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a high quality of life in a laid back family oriented setting. Greeley is not pretentious at all. What you see is what you get. It is a bit of a good-ol’-boy, conservative town with a great feel of sophistication.

There are a large number of reasons to move to Greeley Colorado; Greeley is the best-kept Secret on the Front Range Urban Corridor. Its cost of living is 75% less thanits closest neighbor Boulder. It has great parks within and around it for familyrecreational activities and great vacation destination. Greeley is just 3 hours’ drive from 10 excellent ski resorts. It is one hour away from Denver and two hours away from the Roosevelt National Forest. It is home to a host of major food chains, and there is always a festival for the delight of residents.

The economy of Greeley is in good stead; with a major Agro-business town with a median income of $47,342. It is home to major beef processing plants and has continued in their tradition of providing the nation with its beef needs. Greeley Colorado is a perfect environment for families and couple to settle in. The real estate in Greeley is really looking up. Greeley Colorado real estate is one of the cheapest around when you factor in the great community that thrives here. Beautiful homes come for a fraction of what you would get it in the neighboring towns of Boulder or Loveland. The Greeley Colorado, real estate market,is filled with plenty of beautiful homes at a fair price, just search on Google for Greeley

Colorado homes for sale to view great homes on the market at Greeley Colorado.

Buying a new home in Greeley is more like making a substantial investment, whichmakes a more reason anyone in search of a new home in Greeley should take time and be smart in decision making.

No matter the season, there’s a fun festival or event to attend in Greeley. The fall brings the OktoBREWfest, a downtown festival with food, live entertainment, contests, and beer. During the holiday season, residents celebrate with the Festival of Trees and the Greeley Lights the Night Parade. With springtime come the Greeley Beer & Spirits Festival, and the nationally famous summer event – the Greeley Stampede.

Making your home in Greeley Colorado like any small town has its challenges but with the beautiful scenery that abounds, great family oriented environment with parks and a stable, growing economy, I believe moving to Greeley Colorado is a right choice.

Browse through Greeley Colorado real estate listings at to find the right accommodation for you and your family. It is a wise decision to move to Greeley as residents pay less for just about everything than many other Coloradoans, and the city’s shows it does not take much to enjoy the good life in Greeley.

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