Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Why investing in an Office can help with Productivity

If you’re considering becoming your own boss, working from home seems the obvious way to go. Not having to pay office rent helps keep start-up costs down. You don’t need to commute back and fore to work. You can walk out of your bedroom straight into your home office. Arrange your own work schedule. Work when you feel like it. Take time off when you feel like it. It all sounds pretty utopian doesn’t it? If this is your attraction to working from home, your venture into entrepreneurism will also be short lived. Any new start-up takes hard work, dedication and focus; and will often fare better in a work orientated environment.

A working environment improves productivity

Home office or physical office, the debate has rumbled on for years. What suits some doesn’t suit others. The type of work involved will have a bearing on choice, as will the mind-set of the individuals concerned. However, although the added cost of renting office space has to be considered, the positives will recoup that cost, and more.

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Many people find working alongside others, helps focus the mind and increases their output. The brain sparks and creativity improve. Without realising it, and although everyone is working on different projects, one’s competitive instinct kicks in, and there is a certain feeling of smug satisfaction over what has been achieved by the end of the working day.

Great for a little in-house networking

Many commercial property management companies today let purpose- built offices, where new start-ups can rent a workstation in a large open-plan complex. Great for creative thinking and productive output, they also give individuals the chance to increase their client base and establish their brand by engaging in a little in-house networking.

Having office colleagues, you can turn to can help in other ways. Along with the good days come the bad days and, eventually, one of those clients will appear. You know the type, no matter what you suggest it’s not going to happen. Working in an environment with others encountering similar problems you can grab a coffee and vent off, knowing they understand what you’re going through. It’s not quite the same when you’re trying to talk the problem through in your home office, with your four-year-old who’s intent on trying to delete three hours of hard work from your laptop.

Easier expansion

With business increasing, expansion from one workstation to two, or moving from an open-plan environment to a self-contained office, is easily accomplished with the help of your commercial property management company. They know you and know your business. They’ve watched the ups and downs of your first 12 or 18 months. Nowadays, property companies are more in tune with the needs of their clients. They appreciate that empty offices don’t generate income and are prepared to work alongside their clients to help them achieve their long-term aims.

Before you begin your new venture from home, have a look at the broader picture. Think about what you want to achieve. And whether the solitude of your spare room at home, will provide the same motivation as a buzzing, fit for purpose, office.

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