Sunday 24 February 2019
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Why are Investors Watching the Rise of Liverpool?

Liverpool is ranked among the top cities in the world. The city presents an amalgam of culture and history being the home of a number of museums and galleries that are more than any other city outside London. Investors are watching the rise of Liverpool because it is now rated among the leading real estate investment markets. The reason behind the popularity of properties of Liverpool among the investors is low property prices while continuous high rental earnings.

The rising pattern

The rise of Liverpool is confirmed by and Private Finance as well. Both of them has ranked Liverpool as the topmostproperty investments within the UK.

Moreover, the postcodes of Liverpool subjugated the previous top 3 spots,and also it made to the top 25 postcodes. Three of the worst earning postcodes were located in London which proves why investors are more interested in the north rather than conventionally profitable capital.

Student population

Liverpool has about 70,000 student residents which indicate its popularity among those who are interested in higher education. However, Liverpool is equally popular among students and investors. Students being reliable as residents can provide the landlords a constant rent payment that is required as a realization of return on the investment.

The city has an ever-growing population of students and young professionals as it’s attracting people from every corner of the world. According to the statistics of 2012, about 57 million were reported to have been living in Liverpool as visitors. The city has the highest population of students from all over the world. This has proved Liverpool to be a great city for residence and is rated as the 5th best city to reside in for the visitors.

Birthplaceof TheBeatles

The city because of being the birthplace of The Beatles is loved a lot. Besides, it is also an aspiration for culture and art because of having a diverse type of theatres, well-known cathedrals and a splendid lakeside that attracta large number of visitors every year.

Third best vacation spot

Liverpool got ranked as the third best city for a vacation in the entire world by “Rough Guides”, in 2014. The city is included among the very few prominent retail destinations and also has the biggest open-air shopping center in London. All these famous places in the Liverpool when combined with Indie Culture Coursing, the Baltic Triangle and the fabric Quarter together make Liverpool even more popular among the young professionals.

Major Developments

The major attraction for overseas and national investors are the developments like the Liverpool waters that is worth £5.6 billion and the Liverpool2 port expansion worth £400 million. The two investments are also providing a massive enhancementof the local economy. According to the analysis done by National Statistics in 2016, the economic growth rate shown by Merseyside is 3.1 that is faster than any other city in the UK.

Liverpool is proving itself to be one of the best investments in the UK. To get all the details about the real estate in the Liverpool, you can visit the website The consultants there will help you make the right choice.

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