Friday 22 March 2019
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What You Should Really Do about a Month before You Move to a New Place

You have probably been planning your move for a few weeks now, and that’s all well and good. In fact, the earlier you plan it, the better. Ideally, you should plan a move about 2 months before your actual moving date, so you have time to sort through and fix everything. But whilst you may have already done your research on the new neighbourhood, made lists of to-dos, and sorted through and packed most of your possessions, if you only have a month until your move, there are certain things you should do as well. It’s important not to forget these tasks as they can affect how smoothly your move will be. Here’s what you should really do about a month before you move to a new place.

  • Confirm the legalities

At this point, you should confirm the legalities – including the paperwork – associated with your move. Whether you are moving to a newly-bought home or are leasing a home, you should speak with the solicitor or landlord regarding the exchange of contracts. You should also finalise the actual date of your move with your solicitor.

Another task to contend with would be the finalisation of your booking or reservation with your removals firm. This is the best time to go over the agreement or contract with your removals company and verify that their service will be up to your expectations.

  • Work out important details

One important detail you shouldn’t neglect is the route. Figure out your actual route on the day of your move and think about the removals lorry or truck when you are trying to figure out the route. There may be areas which are weight-restricted or with low bridges, so it’s best to confirm this as well.

Another detail is storage. Do you need a storage facility for certain items? If you do, you can probably ask your removals firm, such as one of the premier removal companies in Gloucester, Advanced Removals & Storage, whether they have their own storage facilities or can recommend a storage facility or warehouse for your items.

  • Fix the homes

When it comes to fixing the homes, we don’t just mean the new home where you are going to live. This also includes your current (and soon to be old) home. Make arrangements so that your old home is adequately clean when you move out; also, make arrangements for the cleaning of your new home between the time the old homeowners move out and you move in.

Determine if you need new furnishings as well. You may need carpets, for instance, so it would be a good idea to arrange the services of carpet fitters as soon as the old homeowners leave.

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