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What Is the Standard Door Size

 There is standard door size for both interior and exterior doors in your home. While this may reduce your morale if you are not so much accustomed to architectural or decoration works, luckily there is a wriggle room for you.

It is worth understanding that there are two standard door sizes: one for interior door sizes and one for exterior doors. Also, bear in mind that the building codes vary between areas, so these numbers generally represent what is accepted by a majority of homeowners and door manufacturers. So, confirm with your code before you begin the process.

  1. Exterior

International residential code requires that the primary exterior door of a house should be at least 36 inches wide and eighty inches high. Why they don’t state any codes for any other entry door, other than the primary exterior door, it is recommended to keep a thirty-six-inch number. It is essential as a reference point.

For instance, though it is possible to install a secondary entry door of any chosen width, the lumber yards usually have the most standard door size stock. The most common entry door widths are 32,30, and 28 inches.

  1. Interior

Generally, all interior doors are consisting of a standard door width of 34 inches. This is usually for the bathroom, bedroom, and hallway doors.

The best and easiest way to have a mental picture of this width is to visualize two people walking through the door entry at the same time. There is enough width such that moving the appliances, mattresses, chairs through this entry is not difficult. These dimensions usually apply to homes and offices as well.

However, that rule is in various circumstances exempted as it is ordinarily evident with bath doorways. Depending on the style of the installed door, the bath door measures between 25 and 30 inches.

  1. Universal Doorways

In exclusion to the width, the rule is the doorways for the handicapped. In many areas, the building code stipulates a doorway of 32 inches wide. However, in some parts, the width for the outside doorways goes up to 34 inches.

It is wise to confer with your local code enforcement agencies for the standard door widths in your region. Your home improvements store can also help you with the dimensions as they may differ considerably in different locations.

  1. Sizing Door Openings.

Another essential consideration apart from door frame is the door opening openings. These are very fundamental since they contribute to the door jamb material within their widths.

It is a healthy thing for most window framers to add up to two inches of a buffer to the standard. The variation of the door openings is maintained at 36 and 38 inches for standard size window widths.

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