Sunday 24 February 2019
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What Choices are there for a Cool Looking Patio Cover

There are a number of options for people out there who are looking for a way to provide some cover for their patios.

  • Those made from wood come in many different designs, but need frequent maintenance.
  • The sturdier type of retractable roof systems designed in metal such as steel, wrought iron, and aluminium are solider than wood, and have a longer lifespan.
  • Those in vinyl patio covers are near enough maintenance-free and come in different styles and colours.
  • Artificial wood coverings look natural and also need very little upkeep.

Traditional Wood

The wooden type of cover has always been the traditional choice for a lot of householders due to their natural charm.

  • Wood can blendinto practically all surroundings and can be painted or stained, also.

People frequently select this as a patio cover to go along with (if they already have it) the looks of their home’s natural wood siding. A number of wooden coverings make use of a coloured roof canvas which matches a home’s paint pattern.

  • A large number of wooden patio coverings are somewhat contained on one or often two sides for some privacy.

The only drawback to this material is that it needs frequent maintenance to put a stop to any rot and insect infestations.

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Metal Types

Different metals are put to use to make strong patio covers. Nowadays, these patio coverings are on the market in a range of modern designs and can even be painted to look like other metals.

A large number of these covers use steel panels or colourfully designed canvas as their roofing material. The metal designs have become popular over the years and especially with regards to the aluminium type.

  • Aluminium covers stand well in all sorts of weather conditions and need little upkeep.
  • You will sometimes see them made to resemble a gazebo or tent and are popularly powder coated in a broad range of colours.
  • This kind of patio covering is commonly fitted with a metal, fibreglass, acrylic or canvas roof.

And although a metal patio covering may be less visually attractive than their wood counterparts, they don’t rot or get eaten away by insects.

Matters of Vinyl

The vinyl type of patio cover is lightweight, colourful and once again practically maintenance-free. This material doesn’t fade or rot and often has a synthetic wood grain finish.

Artificial Wood Type

Artificial wood patio coverings come in a lot of designs similar to natural wood. This type of cover is normally more expensive than the other materials, butdoes have a pleasant appearance.

  • You will see these coverings in a number of home improvement shops, and are nice should you want to have your home looking just like many of your neighbours!

But, should you be more individually minded and would like something a little different from the others, you really should do yourself a favour and check out specialists that deal in awnings. May your patio look grand!

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