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Parents with children need to ensure that their children’s bedroom has the best floors for kids. The floors must not only be easy to clean – let’s face it; children can be very messy – but must also be safe for them.

Your children’s room gets a lot of activity, and this only means that you need to go for flooring that will resist constant abuse – scratches, dents, etc. – and still maintain its aesthetics. This is why durability matters a lot when it comes to the best flooring options for kids.

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But before discussing the best floors for kids, you should take note that some woods that are used for flooring can take up any punishment that your children mete out on a daily basis. For instance, hardwoods are not only durable for kids, but it also takes a long time for it to dent and scratch. Make no mistake about it; whichever flooring option you go for will eventually wear out.

Additionally, you should select a hardwood that can be refinished and sanded. It is always wise to have back up plans in place.

Therefore, here are some of the best floors for kids:

Vinyl – This is one of the best choices that you can go for. Vinyl floors are easy on falling bodies, thanks to their free-floating installation. They are incredibly durable and highly resistant to spill as well as stains. Vinyl floors are also remarkable when it comes to the area of accidental slipping.

The only issue is that vinyl comes with chemicals with estrogenic properties. Therefore, you need to ensure that you purchase vinyl from highly reputable manufacturers who have taken the trouble to eliminate phthalates from their merchandise.

Carpet – Without any doubt, carpeted flooring offers not only the softest but the best for kids to fall on. Carpets are mostly anti-slip or slip-proof, absorb sound and are natural insulators as well. The only thing is that they must be vacuumed on a regular basis and clean enough to prevent allergic reactions from the kids as a result of the accumulation of allergens and dust in the carpet fibers.

Bamboo Floors – Designers and homeowners love bamboo floors due to a variety of reasons. The first has to do with toughness; bamboo floors are about three times harder than conventional hardwood flooring. This means that they are robust or sturdy enough to stand up to whatever kids or pets can give, any day, any time. They are also suitable for high-trafficked areas in the home like the kitchen, etc.

Bamboo floors are also environmentally friendly, which means that they do not possess any danger of storing any allergens that could trigger allergic reactions from the children.

They are also easy to maintain and clean, thus minimizing dirt and allergens to the barest minimum. Bamboo floors also have a 24-hour spill protection feature which makes them ideal candidates for use in the kitchen and the children’s rooms.

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