Sunday 24 February 2019
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Ways to Merge Clashing Design Tastes with Your Partner

Whether you’re moving in together as newly-weds or after years of exclusively dating, one thing is for sure: living under one roof can get initially challenging. You’ll find out new things about your partner, habits, likes and dislikes and other attitudes you’ve never seen. But when you move in together, you also need to overcome the hurdle of blending your clashing interior design tastes.

Now that you have a shared space, how do you decorate it when your styles are different from one another? You might prefer luxurious rags, designer lighting, and catchy artwork. Your partner, on the other hand, may want it to be simple, monochromatic and functional. How do you decorate a home with different styles and love it at the same time? Here are the ways.

Talk about it

Communication is a crucial ingredient in any successful relationship. The best thing to know what your partner likes and how to find a middle ground is to talk about it. Let the other person know that you’d like to have the powder room clad in pink and florals, and maybe if he’s okay with it. And if he tells you he’d want a full-blown entertainment room with black leather couches, consider it too. The only way to agree even if you disagree in certain aspects is to talk about it.

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Now that you’re about to fuse your things in one household, your space may not be able to hold two sets of dining room furniture, an extra coach, and bed. After the talk, you must now agree which items you’d like to bring to prevent redundancy and clutter your space. Also, you must purge as much as the other person and bring the home to an almost blank canvass.

Decide on New Things Together

There’s a good chance that he hates your pink coach while you can’t stand his worn-out black one. At this point, it may be wiser to buy new things together, so you get to choose and decide on new furnishings together, whether it’s the new coffee table, sofa or lighting fixtures. Apart from the style and look of the item, you also have to consider the cost. The best way to ensure that you’ll love your home’s new stuff without harboring hate on your partner is to make sure that both of you is on the same page.

Learn the Art of Compromise

If you wish to find the middle ground, live your life at home in peace and have a harmonious relationship with your significant other, then you should compromise. Listen to what your partner says to get a feel of how he envisions your home then try to inject your design tastes at the right places. Whether he likes it basic while you want it sophisticated, there are ways to blend your design tastes without breeding hate to your partner or his style preference.

Moving in together and living under one roof is a huge decision. You will encounter new challenges along the way as a couple, and it helps if you already love living in a home you designed together. It’s true that blending different styling preferences can be tricky, but when you talk and compromise, you’ll ultimately create a home that speaks of both your personalities.


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