Sunday 24 February 2019
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Wall Panels to Please the Eye

While freshly painted interior walls add to the atmosphere and ambiance of a room, MDF wall panels go the extra mile by offering creative patterns that make rooms stand out from traditional interior wall finishes. Our panels are pleasing to the eye and constructed for versatility, durability, and long lifespans.

Wall Paneling Projects

MDF wall panels are an excellent choice when the goal is to significantly improve the interior look of a home or office. Consider wall panels for the following projects:

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  • New home installation – If you’re in the process of having a new home built, it’s the perfect time to have wall panels installed.
  • Remodeling – Give your home a new upbeat and trendy look with wall panels designed with your personality in mind.
  • Renovation – Update a home or commercial building by replacing the look of painted drywall with the seamless look of panels.
  • Commercial buildings – Installing wall panels can update, upgrade, and upscale commercial interiors such as offices, lobbies, and conference, meeting, and break rooms,

About MDF Wall Panels

MDF panels are constructed of high-grade materials to ensure their longevity whether they’re installed in a commercial building or a residence. Each panel has been carved to precision using computer technology to guarantee the pattern you’ve chosen flows seamlessly from panel to panel.

Our pricing and product pages include the measurements of each panel style including the width and thickness, the actual price of the panel and the price by square-foot. All our listed panels are in stock and can be delivered at your discretion and to the location of your choice. Whether your home is in the United States or Canada, or you have a second home in Mexico or a vacation home in the Caribbean, all MDF panels are available for shipment to these locations.

If you find a pattern you like and want to get a better idea of how it will look, you can order one sample per design for a closed look. Our online product catalog also provides examples of patterns and interior installations.

To Paint or Not to Paint

With our wall panels, you have the choice of ordering with or without paint. If the goal is a seamless look, select panels that are sold coated with white prime for the finish. This allows the panels to be painted once they’ve been installed so that each panel lines up with the next in a “seamless” color pattern.

Panels that will not have a continuous seamless flow can be pre-painted as lining or matching up the pattern panel by panel is not the goal.

Environmentally Friendly

Our wall panels have no added formaldehyde and are in compliance with the California Air Quality Board.


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