Sunday 24 February 2019
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Versatility and economy

Is there a landscaping material which boasts more versatility than gravel?

Gravel is an economical multi-purpose material which is easily sourced from gravel suppliers. It can be utilised in the following places; please remember this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Driveways.
  • Paths.
  • Features.
  • Mulching in pots.
  • Edging borders.
  • Mulching flowerbeds.
  • Around ponds.
  • Around drainage pipes.

The esteemed Royal Horticultural Society notes that gravel has excellent drainage qualities and drought tolerant plants including many bees’ favourite, lavender, can prosper even in the hottest weather in the UK summer with the aid of gravel acting as mulch.

For less confident or enthusiastic gardeners gravel can prevent the growth and spread of weeds, particularly when used with a landscaping membrane.

Gravel is attractive and it can conveniently hide the less visually appealing aspects of exterior spaces like manhole covers and utility point covers or cabling for outdoor lighting and water features with just a few minutes’ work and a small expenditure.

The most common gravel sizes from expert gravel suppliers like Rivar Sand and Gravel in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey are 10mm and 20mm but there are other sizes, for instance, 14mm or 18mm which can be ordered from specialist providers for certain varieties, very often with a lead time of 7-10 days.

The 10mm and 20mm are held in stock which means you can get on with your landscaping project immediately.

One tonne of gravel or chippings covers approximately twelve metres squared when it is laid 1.5 to 2 inches deep and an occasional top up may be required but this is much less expensive than a larger investment in a concrete, natural paving or asphalt installation.

Landscaping materials experts and gravel suppliers will be able to help you calculate the amount that your project will need. Whether it’s for a domestic or commercial project there are bags to accommodate clients’ needs.

A domestic project doesn’t normally need a 900kg bulk bag so they should never be forced in to having a ridiculous quantity. Expert firms stock 25kg bags and 450kg, again proving that gravel versatility, even with amounts, is possible.

  • Gravel is 100% natural.
  • Easy maintenance, top level functionality.
  • Various textures, colours and sizes.
  • Shaped over the centuries by nature.
  • Enviable durability and cost effectiveness.
  • Can highlight features.
  • Makes an ideal backdrop for planting.

If you are based in the south of England there are several local gravels to choose from. Cotswold Chippings, South Cerney Gravel, Moonstone Gravel and Toffee Gravel are sourced within the Thames Valley, the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire.

Cotswold’s Chippings are angular, durable, multi-purpose, attractive and inexpensive.

They’re also majestic, natural and charming. Gravel suppliers stock this in 20mm for instant take home and project starts. 14mm Cotswold Chippings can be ordered specially by professional gravel suppliers.

Wherever you wish to place gravel and whatever the landscaping scheme is, expert advice is always available. You just have to ask.

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