Friday 19 April 2019
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Use Top-Rated Local Pest Controllers

It can be tempting to use the pest control services of a familiar national chain but accredited local companies like Pest Control Berkshire offer pest eradication and relocation, often with a one-hour response time, because they are always in the area.

Pest control Reading specialists employ scientifically proven techniques, have qualifications, substantial experience and charge competitive local rates.

Pest control service providers in Theale, Reading and Tadley are sensitive to the distress of finding a pest’s nest or their handiwork and they appreciate the dread that clients feel about people knowing of a pest controller’s visit. Pest Control Berkshire’s specialists wear unmarked uniforms and drive plain vehicles ; discretion is guaranteed.

How to be one step ahead of pests

As the adage says, prevention is better than cure.

Many pests are opportunists who enjoy easy access to a warm, safe home, food and water, rather like us. Something as simple as leaving crumbs on a worktop or not repairing a hole in a roof can have undesirable ramifications.

Make a habit of checking for signs of pests in domestic and commercial properties; for businesses this should be a fundamental part of health and safety processes.

Commercial Reading pest control firms can work with owners on a Site-Specific Pest Risk Assessment (SSPRA) which aids the implementation of effective control measures.

The call out and treatment fees of Theale and Tadley pest controllers is always less than a loss of reputation, lost business, fines and legal action from failure to attend to a pest issue. Some pests cause significant structural damage if left to roam.

Reading pest control is not solely concerned with killing pests; wasps and bees are essential to a healthy ecosystem, so nest relocation is the preferred option. Moles, which can wreak havoc by tunnelling and creating molehills in farms, on sports grounds and in gardens, often causing injury to humans, livestock and machinery, are trapped and removed rather than killed. Gassing is a last resort.  Professional Reading pest control is imperative.

Did you know that there are 6000 species of fly in the UK? A zapper or insecticide is insufficient when they become an issue.

Rats and mice infestations are eradicated. The Brown Rat, Black Rat and the House Mouse are most common in the UK. Rodents are intelligent, methods used by local pest control experts are sophisticated; rats and mice are nobody’s fool. Rats have evolved so that some can consume over the counter poisons without experiencing ill effects.

Cockroaches enjoy humid and unlit locations but can survive in the cold. They consume almost anything to survive. Cockroach pest control Theale services vary with the species and can take several weeks for severe infestations.

Bedbugs do not only infest bedding, they can live in furniture frames, electric sockets, and in fixtures around the bed. A hazard in hotels which have a steady flow of guests, they can arrive in the home after a holiday overseas; they can survive transatlantic flights.

Pest Control Berkshire have the solutions you need to reclaim your property.

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