Saturday 23 February 2019
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UK Solar Panels Showing a Great Milestone for Renewable and Clean Energy

One weekend in March of 2017 was a sunny weather that wasn’t only good for barbecues and beers but also made solar power into breaking a new UK record. This was the first-time ever where the amount of electricity demanded by homes and businesses during the afternoon was lower than the night time demand since UK solar panels on rooftops and in the fields had cut the demand. It was described as a huge milestone by the National Grid since solar power from the sun had generated six times more electricity than the coal-fired power stations during that time.

Electricity demand in the UK normally peaks around 4 to 6 pm, when people return home from work, and getting this demand lower in the afternoon than in the evenings means that it is a fascinating sign that there are huge changes being seen in Britain’s energy scene. March is usually seen to be a good time for UK solar panels since the angle of the sun hits them and are able to operate better in lower temperatures.

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This shift shows the balance of power is shifting away from the old centralized coal burning model right into the hands of homeowners, businesses and communities throughout the UK who prefers their own clean solar power. Solar power installations had grown dramatically in 2014 and 2015 but had collapsed in 2016 when the government reduced and axed subsidies. The government is still committed for Britain to be one of the best places in the world for investing in clean and flexible energy.

Seeing that solar power was a great success, with solar panels installed in the last five years, the power generated was enough to power 2.6 million homes with clean, renewable electricity.

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The Government had introduced the Feed-In Tariff which is a reimbursement scheme in order to encourage consumers in renewable energy sources. There are two types of FIT, the generation tariff where the homeowner is paid for every unit of electricity generated guaranteed for 20 years after registration and the export tariff where the excess electricity generated sold back to the Grid is paid which will be about 50% of the generated electricity.

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