Sunday 24 February 2019
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Tree Removal Service: What Are Included?

Are you considering a tree removal work? Do you have any idea about tree removal services? Do you want to know what’s included in it? Read on.

Tree Removal

Although there are different levels of tree removal service, few a few basics are ideally included. For instance, obviously, the tree needs to be cut down. Typically, your Amico contractor will also need to rope down tons of trunks and other parts of the tree by climbing it and chopping it into small sizes.

Also, in many causes, tree removal service includes hauling the tree away but without extra charge or is already included in the estimate. Check out the other additional services that may cost added money.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is ideally included in the tree removal cost. Unless you want to pay additional for this, then you will be left with a stump. However, you can get a good bargain to have the stump removed also. But keep in mind that a different equipment is required for this service- a reason why it is sometimes an add-on to the initial cost.

Trunk Removal

Your tree removal company will also chop the tree into smaller pieces, which will make it easier for disposal. You may also ask the company to do the hauling, but you may be required to pay a bit less for it. Luckily, there are reliable tree removal companies that include hauling in their service. Be sure to hire a skilled tree removal specialist because trunk removal can be a dangerous undertaking.

Limb Chipping

You have two options for the limbs. You can either have them chipped on your own, or pay more to the company to have the limbs hauled away. If your tree surgeon has a chipper already, then expect that you won’t be paying much. Again, you have to settle only to a skilled tree removal specialist.

Travel Expenses

Do you live in a remote area and your hired tree removal company has to travel a considerably long distance? Then the travel expenses can be include to the service as well. The drive time may or may not be included in it. Be sure to check with your tree removal company about it.

Log Splitting

Log splitting is a nice add-on if you have a fireplace. If the company offers this service, expect that they will be using a log splitting machine. Well, there’s no fixed price for it but expect it to add up to the total price.

You already have a feel of the little extras that can add up to the cost of tree removal. Now, when it comes to the total tree removal cost, it will largely depend on the tree size. You can talk to an Amico tree removal expert.

Amico provides tree removal and garden maintenance services in Bondi, Sydney and surrounding areas. If you need more help with your garden such as proper irrigation, then just visit and contact the team.

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