Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Tips You Will Need to Make the Most Out of Your Pressure Washer

Power washing is no longer a new cleaning approach in thecleaning of cars, grills,and exteriors of houses as it has become widely known and has kept evolving in recent years. But one thing is commonwhile using the pressure washer, much pressure and effort are spent which sometimes do not yield the expected cleaning result. This brings much burden and sometimes search for alternative procedures. However, there are simple yet vital pressure washing tips which when followed will help you achieve the desired result in the quickest possible time without having to go through pain.

Choosing the appropriate nozzle

To effectively use the pressure washer, you must select the appropriate nozzle. Most of the devices today are designed with spray tips which can be interchanged. The nozzle is known to perform two functions; the first decreases the pressure and also to take in the detergent added while the second helps rinse the detergent under high pressure at the different spray angles. Our pressure washers come in a variety of color-coded nozzles ranging from yellow, red, green and white varying from 0 to 40 degrees. Principally, the smallest angle delivers the most powerful impact. For instance, when a sticky smudge is to be removed from a surface, 0 degree angle is preferable, while less sticky debris such as leaves, sand, papers, etc., a wider angle from 25 to45 degree nozzle. As a precaution, it should be ensured that the nozzle is completely attached before using the trigger gun. Non-adherence to this may result in the tip becoming the projectile and may, therefore, be lost or damage the property and/or harm the user(s).

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The use of Chemicals

Only approved chemicals and pressure washer cleaning solutions should be used for apressure washer. Citrus Degreaser and Film Remover are offered; while Citrus Degreaser is used for removing heavy greaser, Super Film Remover is used mainly for washing cars and removing light dirt or road film. We provide detergent injector alongside our pressure washers and this allows for thecontinuous and unhindered flow of the cleaning solution into the water stream. When unapproved detergents are purchased, they may not be environmentally friendly, which could be dangerous for pressure washer components.

Testing the potency of your pressure washer

At best, spray few feet away from the object to avoid damaging the object. Your wand should be slowly brought 3-4 feet from the surface to be cleaned. The wand should be moved side to side several times to ensure the surface is clean. The wand should move gradually 1-2 feet closer to the surface for further cleaning when necessary.

Precaution when cleaning

Caution should be taken when spraying around windows, postage box, flowers, vents, eaves or light fixtures as they could break if aimed directly at. The trigger gun should point downward to prevent the collapse of siding.

The pressure washing

Pressure washing should be sprayed horizontally with asmoothleft to right movements for thorough washingand detailed washing i.e. to cover 3-4 feet in one strike. Spraying should start from the top and down to the bottom to prevent streaking.

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