Sunday 24 February 2019
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Tips to Help You choose a Portable Car Shed

It is not always easy to select a portable car shelter in the midst of so many options. If you do not exercise caution, you could end up with a shelter that does not meet your garage needs. You could also end up with a car shelter that not only inconveniences you but requires a lot of time for it to be fully set up. But you are in luck, as the following tips are designed to help you make a good choice the next time you are shopping for a portable car garage.

Look for a Garage that Has Some Innovative Features

Portability is the primary factor to consider when shopping for a car garage. But portability aside, there are additional features that you ought to consider. Consider the material that has been used to make this shelter. You need a shelter that is made of lightweight material, else, it will pose challenges when the time comes for you to move it to another locale.

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Heating and Cooling Features

What kind of features is present in your chosen car shelter? Will the available features protect your car from extreme weather changes? Keep in mind that the summer months tend to be very hot, while the winter months can get very cold. Exposure to extreme heat conditions will damage the paint on your car. Likewise, too much cold leads to frosting on your windscreen and windows. Choose a garage that allows you to control the temperature conditions present in the shelter. This way, you will be assured that your car is safe and fully protected from weather elements at all times.

Can It Serve Multiple Purposes?

A garage is not just a place to shelter your car from extreme weather conditions or from car thieves. A good garage should be able to serve more than one purpose at a time. For instance, a portable car shelter can be used to host friends and family members at a beach party. The car shed can also be used for camping purposes when out in the camping grounds. Garages that can serve more than one purpose will boost your user experience as well as provide you with value for your money.

Can It Support the Weight of Your Car?

No one wants to park their car and then hear the plywood start to dismantle itself. You need a shelter that has a heavy-duty floor. This is a shelter that can easily support the weight of any car. But you may want to locate another area for your tank!

A heavy floor will in many cases mean that you need to add 2*4 floor joist beneath the plywood. This is meant to assist with your vehicle weight. Typical garages have floor joist after every 16 inches. It is, however, recommended that the garage have a minimum of 12 inches at the center.

You also need to consider the issue of assembling this garage. How long will it take to assemble your garage? Will you require outside help for this? These are some of the questions you need to be answered when in the search for a car garage.

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