Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Tips That Will Lead You to a Reliable Construction Company

Construction law has grown into a different practice from its traditional fields like corporate law, project finance, and real estate. It covers a broad range of issues that include construction claims, bonds and bonding, contract, sureties and guarantees, tendering, negligence, and consultancy contracts. It also affects various construction industry participants including architects, engineers, financial institutions, construction workers, planners, and surveyors.

As an independent discipline, construction law revolves around contentious work; involving early resolution of disputes through third party mediation, arbitration, settlements, adjudication, and litigation. It also revolves around non-contentious work that deals with different tasks such as negotiation and preparation building project side, helping in various resource and material procurements, and advising on insurance, environment, safety, and health matters. It is possible, however, to avoid any construction lawsuits by choosing a reliable, law-abiding construction company.

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The Company’s Portfolio

Check the portfolio of the company to know how successful it has been with the previous projects and how professional it is. Ensure that the bids, contracts, and bills are clearly detailed and confirm the effectiveness of its communication process. Reliable constructors like Falkofske Engineering Company; a Texas-based firm licensed in more than 25 states, promptly and efficiently responds to the calls of its clients. Such a construction company is also readily available when needed. Good accessibility indicators include cellular phones, listed residents phone, pagers, and radios.

The Company’s Current Work

Ask the company management if they are building or remodeling a construction in progress and request to see it. A talk with the property owner will also help you confirm the level of their work satisfaction. The construction company should give you a list of similar building projects completed. This will help know in advance how yours will appear upon successful completion.

Minimum Liability Insurance

Most construction lawsuits are usually a result of the company not having liability insurance. To avoid this, a responsible company will ensure that its employees have related compensation insurance. This will eventually protect you from any liability in case of injuries or accidents. Additionally, the company should be committed to complete the work as agreed. Some companies get overbooked and end up leaving the work in the middle to handle more pressurizing clients.

Have Everything in Writing

Once you have got the company of your choice, ensure that every single step is well-written. Anything that is not explicitly defined can easily be altered and may lead to serious disputes. With an outlined project, however, you can easily notice any overlooked phase and get a clear definition and expectation as a reference to the construction company. Most importantly, do not pay for the whole construction work as this may cause the company to slow down the work for lack of incentive. Just pay the agreed percentage at a specified time.

Choosing a construction company that will not lead you to disputes can be a challenging process. However, this does not require you to be an expert in construction. You only need to know the basics and your rights shielded by the law. While being protective of your rights, ensure that you also stick to the contract details as this will help ensure that the company does not take you to court for failing to honor the terms of agreement.

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