Sunday 24 February 2019
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The Most Common Aircon Mistakes We Are All Guilty Of

Having a dependable source of cool air is crucial these days. With the prevalence of warm temperatures in Singapore, it gets harder and harder to even move because of the heat. It’s much better to move around in a place where it’s cool. You can finish any type of task in a moment’s notice when your surroundings are cooler than what you expected. In this regard, the best way to make this happen is with the use of an air conditioner. This handy appliance makes any given area more conducive for work or rest. Even though air conditioners are readily available, using them should come with certain responsibilities. As such, here are some common mistakes you should not do when using an AC unit.

Not cleaning your air conditioner

AC units absorb the ambient air inside a room. Along with the air, it absorbs the dust and dirt as well. Once these harmful substances have been accumulated, your air conditioner’s cooling performance will drop.It would take longer than the usual before a room is totally cooled down if you fail to clean your air conditioner. Plus, the internal components of your air conditioner will also be exposed to this things and sustain damage too. Once this happens, it’s only a matter of time before your air conditioner will break down.

Ignoring the use of a thermostat

An air conditioner has a thermostat built into its own design. This handy tool helps you set your preferred temperature and keep it that way while the AC unit is running. Most people would not tamper with this device, allowing the air conditioner to run independently. Using the thermostat relieves pressure from the air conditioner when you set it manually. This act will help the AC unit run better, especially if the temperature isn’t that hot. When you set it at a weaker temperature, the air conditioner will exert less effort and there will also be less wear and tear to this appliance.

Leaving the air conditioner to run for a long amount of time

It’s very convenient to have an air conditioner running, especially during the summer months. Although this may be the case, leaving your AC unit running for the entire day isn’t the wisest thing to do. This act will stress every part of an air conditioner and cause them to fail. Even if one these components break down, you will not be able to use your air conditioner. It’s better to create a schedule of your usage and balance it with your needs. In this way, you are also preserving the quality of your air conditioner and even extending its lifespan.

Not maintaining your air conditioner

An air conditioner is just like any other appliance when it comes to maintenance. This machine requires regular maintenance to keep it running well. This means taking out all of those worn-out parts and replacing them with new ones to continue its function. Otherwise, the AC unit won’t work at all. In this regard, calling on reputable technicians, like KPA aircon repair services – your one stop aircon solution provider, is the best course of action. These professionals know how to maintain an AC unit and keep it running properly for as long as possible.

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