Sunday 24 February 2019
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Storage and Reverse Logistics Online

To set up an online store, keep in mind that most logistics companies are not yet ready to service online stores. The storage unit of the warehouses of these companies is the cubic meter, that is to say the space equivalent to a pallet and the storage tool. Obviously online stores, as a rule, need much smaller space units.

To set up an online store it is essential to visit the warehouses before contracting the storage or transportation with storage units Sarasota and also afterwards to check the operation of the same.

1) Dust and dirt:

To assemble an online store you have to take into account dust and dirt. Usually the trucks that handle the transport of orders enter to the “kitchen” of the warehouses, that is, to the space where the products are stored. This causes them to contaminate and dirty the products that are in the warehouse. Ideally, the trucks would access a space prior to the warehouse and be loaded there. Another solution that is applied in some places is that of having a watertight box where the products are deposited. We have to remember that it is difficult to detect if orders are being delivered dirty to our customers unless they complain.

2) Errors in the references:

An erroneous reference to a product can give us many headaches. It is not difficult to produce and it is difficult to detect, because if the product that we are sending is of higher quality than the one that the client requested, he probably will not complain. In many occasions we will believe that it is a specific error in the picking.

3) Errors in the units sent in an order:

We have to consider to set up an online store this type of errors. It’s possible that it happened to you sometime. We are in our house in Murcia, we have placed an order with several units of a product and these do not match the units of the item that have served us. This usually occurs because the picking is done for several orders at the same time. That is, the operator of the logistics company of Murcia goes with his PDA and a car. The PDA tells you the route you have to follow through the warehouse to load the products corresponding to several orders in the cart and not to go through the same place twice.

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