Sunday 24 February 2019
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Splendid Porcelain Flooring Served

Trends have changed over decades. Replacing every single inch of décor, to installing more modernized look, a combination of efficiency and creativity has taken over the world of furnishing immensely. To keep the balance between these two pillars, Refin Ceramiche has introduced the new range of Porcelain Tiles to the world. New designs with the touch of art by professional craftsmen, Porcelain tiles are changing the whole experience of feeling blissful. With the wide range of tiles and designs, in particular, they have made it more convenient for the customers to select as per their requirements and preferences.

Let’s take a walk to feel the variety of few of them, and experience it in a more defining way:

  • OVERLAY: Overlay designs have been the pillar of innovation in the tile industry for many years. However, it has never been outdated due to the flexibility customer gets with the design selection. Having a shiny yet settled look over the concrete tile, overlay designed tiles look astonishing and gorgeous. Investing in overlay designs is a great way to renovate or install tiles in a brand new home or on any premises.
  • PRESTIGIO: If the concrete built tiles are not your cup of tea, the brand new Prestigio collection provides the mind-blowing series of marble stones. Reimagining it completely, these marbles from Italy and Europe are gradually taking over the world of tile designing. On the top of it, these marbles have a unique feature of lapping, providing a beautiful polishing finish. Having these splendid tiles and living with it bring a different level of blissfulness.
  • LARIX: Majority of people prefer wooden texture for the tile flooring. Keeping their choices in mind, Refin brings you the wide range of wood looking tiles with the combination of Porcelain stoneware. It always feels home when one gets to walk on the floor with the look of wood. Larix provides the rare combination of nature and modernization in a single section.
  • CROMIE: Chromatic look has maintained its demand in this industry. Chroma sheets provide the essence of peace as it has the amazing range of colors. Saturation has always been the strength of this beautiful tile and is providing satisfaction to the owner.

With even more varieties of Tiles and designs, Refin Ceramic is making the clients happy and satisfied by providing the great range of Porcelain tiles. It has Indeed become the first choice for the clients who are looking for changing or installing brand new tile flooring for their home or offices.   

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