Friday 22 March 2019
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Spice up Your Pool This Summer

Having a pool in the summer is the equivalent to a cosy fire in the winter. Everyone will want to come to your house, take a dip, and beat the heat, but how can you make it even better? Styling your pool may seem tricky because the majority of pools just come in the basic rectangular shape and are set in the ground, but there are a lot of options to give it the upgrade that will make your friends go crazy this summer.

Framing Your Pool

It may seem simple, but one of the best ways to add a little attention to your pool is framing its perimeter. Of course, landscaping the area with gorgeous tropical plants or vibrant flowers around the pool is always an option. If done right, it can draw attention to your pool while also adding pops of colour that you can then carry on throughout your back garden décor.

Another one of the best options is fencing in your pool. When a lot of people think of fencing, they think of something that will detract from the overall look of the pool and basically hide something that you spent a good sum of money on. But that isn’t the case at all. DIY glass pool fencing is the new fencing alternative that will be an elegant addition to the style of your pool and make it the focal point you want it to be. Made entirely of glass, you will still be able to look into the water, see the overall pool design, and watch the kids play.  

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What are the Benefits of Pool Fencing?

Beyond being a great design piece, it is also important for the safety of kids in your back garden. Even if your kids are older, you’ll know that any other guests can feel free to bring young ones around to play outside, which will give you peace of mind at big summer parties and cookouts. The glass also serves as something of an art piece. With the right lighting and time of day, there will be beautiful reflections cast from the water onto the fencing that will leave your neighbours and friends in awe.

Does Fencing Have to be Expensive?

A lot of pool fences tend to be expensive, but that is the best part of choosing a type of fencing that is DIY. You control the project, so all you are spending is in materials. With simple glass pieces and easy installation, it’s the no brainer for pool décor and safety. Also, wouldn’t you love to take pride in the fact that you built it yourself?

Keep your parties carefree and elegant at the same time with unique fencing that is effortlessly simple and sleek.

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