Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Special Benefits OF Using Counter Top Display in Your Store

Countertop displays are marketing tools used to promote sales of different products in retails stores. They provide an opportunity to capture customers’ attention and persuade them to buy more than they had planned.

Store managers prefer using countertop displays when rolling out new products or selling items on promotion. No matter whether the products are big or small, the displays can be used articulately to capture the attention of clients to drive a greater emotional connection. Here are additional benefits to expect from counter top displays.

Elevated brand awareness

A properly customized display box can be very effective in sending a tactile message that is appealing to the target clients. You can use in-store displays to raise brand awareness by outlining the main features and the expected benefits. Like the CEO of SwissTribe said : This is important in helping to reinforce the brand both online and offline.

Give users new information

A carefully designed custom display is a perfect method for companies to launch new products or services. The information about the products and even the brand can be relayed in a cost-effective manner using the countertop display.

Though you should also employ other marketing methods, the counter displays can easily deliver higher sales. To increase the conversion, consider studying the targeted clients and packaging the product for optimal emotional connection.

Extra convenience

Because the displays only need a small area to display and limited effort, they are considered convenient to both retailers and customers. To the store owner, the displays only take a small space, yet they are highly effective in driving conversions.

To the customers, it is a one-stop point to get the best products. Because the displays are preferred for showcasing special discounts, clients can be sure of getting deals that are not available in other stores.

Note that many points of sale displays are portable so that you can easily change their positions in the store. This is important when you want to use a different theme or institute changes to help drive seasonal products.

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