Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Small Moves

Hiring a big moving truck to move a small load of furniture or a single item can be costly and time consuming.If you live in a small studio apartment or a one-bedroom unit, you can move the small bits and pieces and boxes yourself in a car, but moving the big pieces of furniture can be tricky, unless you or a friend have some muscles, moving equipment, and access to a trailer or a small van.

If you have no means of moving large pieces of furniture or white goods yourself, you can hire a removalist to do the moving for you. Your best option is to find a moving company who specialises in small move removals. Companies’ such as Dumbo Move specialise in a variety of removals services – including small moves.

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Dumbo Move offers a small moving service operating throughout Melbourne with a one hour minimum meaning you can move furniture locally from suburb to suburb in Melbourne at a fraction of the price it would cost to hire a big moving company. Dumbo offers the same level of service you’ve come to expect from a larger moving company.

Dumbo’s moving trucks and vans service all of Melbourne, and can even move your goods throughout most of Victoria.

Move a small load of furniture

Dumbo can help you move small loads of furniture including:

  • bedroom suite
  • a studio apartment
  • a one-bedroom apartment
  • a few large items

Move a single item

Dumbo Move’s expert removalists can help you move all types of whitegoods such as:

  • a fridge
  • a freezer
  • a washing machine
  • a dryer

And also help move a single item of furniture such as:

  • mattress and bed
  • sofa / lounge
  • armchair
  • table
  • desk
  • buffet / sideboard
  • cupboards / wardrobe

Fitness equipment including:

  • treadmills
  • elliptical trainers
  • rowing machines
  • exercise bikes

And outdoor furniture including:

  • outdoor tables
  • outdoor benches / chairs
  • BBQs

Dumbo’s two-tonne furniture moving vans are great for small moves, can be loaded and unloaded faster than a big moving truck, and can fit down most of Melbourne’s narrow laneways!

Dumbo can move furniture, white goods, gym equipment, outdoor furniture, or just about anything you can think of. You can hire two movers to do the moving for you, or one mover if you’re capable and willing to help out with the move. Dumbo’s small move removalists are expertly trained professionals and have several years of experience in moving.

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