Sunday 24 February 2019
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Purchasing a high quality stone cutter

There are different types of stone cutting equipments that are available in the market that can be used for cutting of stones. Those equipments are good to use when you need to do this occasionally. But if you are a stone cutting expert and require performing your job of stone cutting on the daily basis then you need to have the stone cutting equipment that can enable you to perform your job efficiently along with saving your time.  FAB-125 is the modern stone cutter that you can purchase for your job. This equipment runs on electricity and can cut up to 1-5/8 of an inch of stone in thickness.

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Features of stone cutter

There are many features of this stone cutter; some of the most striking features are given below:

Heavy duty and long lasting bearings – Stone cutter is heavy duty equipment which means it can cut upto 1 in 5/8 of a inch stone in seconds regardless of their thickness. This equipment comes with long lasting bearings that are rare to reduce in thickness so soon. They are able to provide high production and remain at their good health even several years later of purchasing.

Heavy duty switch – This stone cutter has the double pole switch that is made of heavy duty metal. This switch is there for high usage. This switch comes with two finger trigger that is designed to provide operator the comfort and convenience especially when they require continuous usage.

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15 ft power cord-This stone cutting equipment comes with 15 ft long power cord that facilitates you to do your job at reasonable distance from the power source.  With such a long cord, you are able to perform your job freely.

High scratch resistant base plate padding – This stone cutting equipment consists of high quality base plate padding which has high resistance to scratches. These base plates enable operators to perform their job effectively without any trouble. Please visit :


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