Sunday 24 February 2019
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Portable Buildings for sale

Who might use portable buildings?

Portable units are the ideal solution for when more space is needed and land is available, but where more static buildings are not readily available. Examples where portable units are ideal are schools where more classroom space is needed, building sites where offices and welfare facilities are needed, and offices which are crowded but have grounds where portable offices can be placed. Also at festivals and events sites, portable units can be ideal for offices and showrooms. New housing estates usually use a portable building as a site office.


Why use portable units instead of static buildings?

Portable units can be installed almost instantly and cost significantly less than static structures. Portable units may be allowed when planning permission for static buildings is refused. But cost is often the main factor. Portable units can be put in quickly and at relatively low cost, and are ideal for extra office or classroom space where static buildings aren’t a viable option.

Buying Portables

It is best to buy and own the building if you are using it long term, rather than worrying about rents and having to return the building. And it is best to buy from a reputable company which has portable buildings for sale, rather than buying in a private deal where there is no way of telling the building’s history or possible defects. Buying used or new from a company will give you some history and warranty and someone to contact if something goes wrong. Buying from a company also gives you a selection of portable buildings for sale to choose from and decide what is most suitable for your needs.

Things to consider for your buildings

  • Size and site
  • Heating and lighting
  • Usage
  • Capacity

Those are some of the things to be considered when buying portable units. How large the building needs to be, and where it will be sited, will there be adequate space, both for the building and the haulage or machinery to get the building into place. Will heating or lighting the building be problem-free, will the building be adequate for the use it is intended for, and will it have the capacity for the occupants for which it is needed? The advice of an established company specializing in selling portable buildings should answer all of these questions and more.


Portable units can be added or removed to suit the needs of the company or organization, whether it is offices, toilets, shower blocks or meeting rooms, what is needed can be bought at a relatively low cost and put in place quickly, resolving space and welfare issues straight away.


Portable units are ideal for a low cost versatile solution extra space for organizations which need more space or extra welfare facilities. They do not require the time, cost and stringent regulations that the building of static buildings would require. They are the ideal low cost solution for space on sites that cannot otherwise be extended.

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