Sunday 24 February 2019
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Open up Your Living Space with a Balustrade Made of Glass

Frameless glass balustrades are attractive and expensive-looking. However, they are still affordable, especially given their striking appearance. That is why these types of fittings are used in a variety of settings. One of the more popular materials used in their construction is stainless steel. The steel is used for the frame and the hardware. As a result, Australian homeowners have made glass balustrades trend-setting additions in their homes.

Added Sophistication

Glass balustrades, which are used to support and upgrade the looks of balconies and stairs, are popular because of the benefits that they provide. For example, balustrades increase the beauty of any property. Because the glass enhances the sophistication of a décor, a glass balustrade is an elegant addition to any property. Not only does the glass nicely reflect light but it opens the views in a living or work space.

Glass balustrades make any home or commercial space more attractive because they do not block the lighting in a building. The light streams through the glass, thereby adding to the natural illumination in a space. You can increase the overall effect by cleaning the balustrade.

Fortunately, a glass balustrade is simple to maintain and clean. All you need to do is use a quality cleaner designed for glass and wipe down the balustrade. If you have scratches to remove, simply polish the glass to restore its pristine look. You cannot achieve this same type of effect when you are cleaning a balustrade made primarily of metal or wood.

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As noted, a glass balustrade opens up the view in a living space. Therefore, the balustrade gives a space the illusion that it is larger. As a result, you can make the most of the décor for your living area. If you love to decorate, you definitely want to add a glass balustrade to your stairway.

A Great Fit for Just About Any Décor

Homeowners and commercial owners like the versatility that a glass balustrade offers. You can combine glass with a number of materials. Plus, you can choose from various textures, colours, and framing alternatives when you add this type of accessory. A glass balustrade fits in nicely with just about any décor.

Whilst some people may believe that glass is fragile, a glass balustrade is extremely durable. Not only that, but glass has been shown to be sturdier than wood. Wood can attract insect infestation and has a tendency to succumb to mould or warping. On the other hand, glass ages gracefully, making any alterations hardly noticeable. As a result, a glass balustrade can last for several decades.

The glass in a balustrade frame is safe and strong as it is made with a thick, tempered glass. Therefore, the glass rarely breaks. If it does break, the broken pieces are not sharp, thereby making it suitable in homes with pets and children.

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