Sunday 24 February 2019
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Now rent your property in India without worrying about the hassles

Letting out a property in India can be a cumbersome and Lengthy process for NRIs. Finding a good tenant in India is no easy task. Only after multiple advertisements and scrutinising several interested parties will you be able to find a trustworthy person to let-out and take care of your property while you are away. This process is sure to involve enormous time and effort, which essentially translates into spending a lot of money when you are not residing in India.

We at Nestaway understand your concerns about rental property management and that is why we have customised our services to let you rent your property in the most hassle free manner.

The process of coming on board to use our services is simple and fast. All you have to do is fill up a form or give us a call and share the details of the property you want to rent out. Post registration, you are free to select from our various service plans which our team will help you understand.

Once that is done, we get into an agreement with you and begin the search for tenants so that your rental income begins at the earliest.

Following are the benefits you enjoy by renting with Nestaway:

  1. No travel required: The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to spend your money and time on travelling to India just to rent and manage your property. We take care of all the formalities surrounding home renting, from finding the tenant to completing paperwork. All you will need to do, is e-sign documents.
  2. Broker-free means hassle-free: Our entire process is online and does not involve any broker. We work towards ensuring the best possible rent for your property. We also carry out police verification of all our tenants, and their ID and address proof is shared on our website and app with you. This ensures complete peace of mind.
  3. Protection of your house: We treat your home like you would treat it. It is cleaned thoroughly before being handed over to the tenant, and any maintenance required post that is provided at a charge.
  4. Regular status reports: We also share a status report every three months along with pictures of the house so that you are abreast with how your house looks and there are no surprises awaiting when you visit your house in person.
  5. Legal assistance: In case of any disputes arising with the client or the society, you can get advisory support from our legal team.

With your property in our hands, you can be assured that it will be taken good care of so that you can spend your valuable time and money on making memories with your near and dear ones.

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