Sunday 24 February 2019
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Natural Indian Sandstone: All The Info

Indian sandstone has been gaining popularity among landscapers in recent years but has been around for centuries. Known for its timeless quality and beauty, the stone has found great use in palaces, enchanting fountains, an on terraces and footpaths that feature the glistening sandstone slabs. However, you won’t have to make the long journey to Rajasthan, India, to lay your hands on these aesthetic stones as you can find natural stone suppliers in Lancashire. Here is the crucial info you should have before settling for Indian sandstone Lancashire.

The beauty of natural sandstone

Nothing beats the Indian stone as it comes in different sizes and a host of colours, and easily cuts to the desired shapes and curves. You can lay them randomly, or create any patterns of your fancy, unlike if you were using the rigid concrete slabs. Besides, you will find natural sandstone in most stores in Lancashire and can land a fair bargain for them. Its regular and standard thickness means it will last for a long time, while its glimmering sheen puts an attractive edge to your paving.

Cheap is expensive

It just wouldn’t do to go for cheap sandstone. The variety of colours may be deceptive, and its uncalibrated thickness makes for substandard quality that may lead to shoddy paving. You may spend less in the short run, but eventually, you will have to break your bank to cater for frequent repairs. Other problems associated with cheap sandstone include:

  • Fall below the essential 22mm thickness.
  • Softer and more porous; hence, easy to break.
  • Quarried from areas in India that employ child labour.

Choose the right sandstone for your pavement

Budget sandstones: If you are operating on a tight budget, go for budget stones that include standard slabs and are quite robust. However, be sure that your preferred slabs exceed the industry Stone Standards by checking out their calibration, which should be no less than 22mm in thickness.

Mid-range slabs: If you aren’t so hard up on cash, you could consider the mid-range sandstone slabs that are hand-selected and have more colour options. They also have a riven texture that gives a durable rich sandstone paving.

Premium sandstones: The ultimate choice for hard landscaping. Premium sandstones will give you a superb, smooth and quartzitic finish, and are perfect for contemporary garden designs. If finances are the least of your problems, go for magnificence and deliver a resounding statement of style by paving with these high-quality stones.

Tips for selecting natural stone suppliers

  • Look for suppliers dealing in stones that have been ethically sourced.
  • Find out if they are collaborating with UNICEF to improve working conditions in the quarries.
  • Check if they have signed up to the Ethical Trade Initiative’s Base Code.
  • If they don’t belong to the United Nations Global Compact, give them a wide berth
  • Ensure their stones meet or exceed the industry Stone Standards.

Put a sparkling edge to your paving by purchasing sandstone from accredited suppliers in Lancashire. They are natural, offer a variety of attractive colours, and can last for as long as possible. Avoid cheap stones by checking for the standard calibration, and choose the right sandstone for your paving.

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