Sunday 24 February 2019
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Multi-purpose Storage Sheds for Both Work and Pleasure

First, sheds do not need to be ugly. They can be an esthetically pleasing addition to the backyard or the garden. They also have the advantage of being close to the place where the family gardener works, where the children play, where the person who loves crafts enjoys their hobby, where family bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles are protected from the weather. It can be a separate office for a person who works at home, a studio for an artist or a cozy, private place for a guest. A large, barn-type shed can house a horse or pony or two.

Sheds From an Iowa Builder

The buildings made by Kauffman Structures, the Iowa shed builder, come in barn red or inviting pastel colors such as gray, white, beige, pale blue or clay with colorful trim and front or side gables. Barn sheds have the familiar gambrel roof. The wide double doors have decorative “X”s on them if the shed is over six feet wide. Some sheds have windows, and the windows of the cottage sheds, which can serve as guest houses, are especially large to let in maximum natural light. A customer is bound to find a shed that matches their house.

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A customer can make their shed even more to their taste by opting for features such as larger windows, shutters, custom colors, more doors and shelves. Roll up doors and ramps make loading vehicles such as bicycles, wheelbarrows and lawnmowers easier. They can order insulation to make a home-away-from-home office or guest cottage or artist’s atelier warm on cold days, or ask for cedar or vinyl siding.

Where to Put the Shed

The shed can be placed anywhere on the property that the owner sees fit, but some things have to be seen to before it is delivered. The trailer and the pickup truck have to have access to the space, and there needs to be proper clearance for the shed’s roof. This not only means utility lines but tree limbs. The shed shouldn’t be placed on an area right above underground pipes or cables. The owner’s utility company can be called in beforehand to flag these areas.

The ground where the shed will sit should be level. Some homeowners think that the ground where the shed will be installed is level enough, but it might not be. It’s a good idea to measure how level the ground is with a leveling tool. In some cases, people use cinder blocks beneath their shed to make sure that it’s level after it’s installed. The owner also needs to consider the type of foundation the shed is going to be placed on. Though they are built on treated timbers, the shed should ideally be placed on a bed of concrete or gravel. Concrete makes a better foundation than gravel, but it costs more.

A shed provides invaluable storage space, work space, play space and living space. A homeowner who finally buys one for their property won’t remember how they got along without one.

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