Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Moving to London: Top Tips

Moving to London is something in which many people want to do but put off due to being scared regarding the move. However there are tips available which can work to enable moving to London to be stress-free and easy and today we are going to be listing just some of the for you. If you have been considering moving to London it is imperative that you carry on reading…

Top Tips

  • It is best to arrive during winter – January and February provide the best times for people to move to London, after the Christmas and New Year rush. This is because it is the time where there is the least tourist in London and the fact that the roads are less busy around this time of year.
  • Don’t forget to dress warm – London is cold most of the year, even in summer it can be cold therefore those moving to London, regardless of season should always pack a warm jacket and clothes to wrap up in. No one can predict the weather or temperature in London.
  • Consider location – Accommodation and the cost of living can be really expensive in London therefore all wanting to move to London are advised to determine whether they can afford to live right in the midst of the city or whether they would benefit more from choosing location slightly off-centre.
  • Be sure to hire a removals London Many people moving to London make the mistake of hiring a removals firm outside of the capital however this isn’t advised as London removals teams typically know London roads better than anywhere else, knowing the best routes and the busiest places which need to be avoided to save time. Hire your removals well in advance however as these removals teams can get busy incredibly quickly and you don’t want to end up disappointed.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses – Unless money is no object, you don’t need to buy a car in London. With traffic so bad almost all of the time it makes much more sense for people to get by using public transport – and it’s better for the environment too! It can also make sense for people living in London to invest in scooter which will allow for them to get about faster much quicker than by car.

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