Sunday 24 February 2019
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Moving Offices: Six Weeks of Preparations

If you are moving office it is vital that you do not leave everything until the last minute. Elements involved in moving often take longer than people anticipate; therefore preparations should start at least six weeks in advance. Proper planning for your office move is incredibly important if you are looking for a stress-free, minimal-downtime move – You must remember that the longer it takes for you to move office, the most it will cost your business.

If you want to move office whilst disrupting your businesses operations as little as possible – today’s checklist is for you, and you should definitely follow it!

Moving Office Checklist

Six weeks before moving: Six weeks before your moving date you should take time to measure your new office space so that you can get furniture designs and layouts planned efficiently.

Four weeks before moving: Four weeks before you are set to move you should make sure that you have ordered all of the furniture that you need and that it is going to be delivered in time. At this point you should also order all of your moving boxes and supplies and book a removals company to ensure that they are able to help you on the required day. You also need to arrange your new electronics and phone lines so this is something that you should look for at this stage too.

Three weeks before moving: Three weeks before your moving date you should start to inform all of the relevant people that you are moving, from your bank and the post office, to your clients and everything in between. You should also order your new stationary with your company details on to be super prepared. If your moving boxes have arrived by this point you should slowly start to pack up the things that you are not going to need before moving, only leaving out people’s workstations and essential items.

Two weeks before moving: Whilst your new office is still empty you should have all of your broadband and phone lines put in so this doesn’t have to be done once you have moved in. At this point you should also set up forwarding telephone numbers and set up a postal redirect. You may also want to take a visit to your new office just to ensure that everything such as electrical and plumbing aspects is in perfect working order.

One week before moving: Get your IT Company to set up all necessary servers, cables and wiring. Also you should start making a move – moving everything that you are no longer going to need in your final week and tidying your office so it is nice for the next business.

Moving day: If all of the previous steps have been followed, moving day should be incredibly easy with not much left to do. You should provide each of your employees with a cardboard moving box or two and get them all to pack up their own things so when they get to the new office they can easily find their things and get to straight back to work. You could even get them to pack up their things last thing on a Friday and move them for them over the weekend so there is no downtime at all.

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