Sunday 24 February 2019
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Matt Black Kitchen Designs To Choose From

As one of the neutral colours, black will never go out of style— but it sure is becoming more popular right now, particularly in its subtle matte form.

Being as versatile as it is, matte black can be styled and incorporated into any interior. It can act as an accent piece, or it can also be an incredibly dramatic focal point. It’s timeless yet contemporary at the same time, especially when it’s in the heart of our home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a design pro ready to renovate your entire kitchen in black, or if you just want to experiment with a few matte black features in your kitchen, here are some design inspirations for you to choose from:

Combine With Marble

If you have the money and space capacity to include a marble piece in your kitchen, then we highly urge you to obtain this timeless piece. Pair the sleek elegance of marble kitchen island with matt kitchen cabinets on the backdrop for a dramatic and monochromatic look.

Opt For a Centrepiece

If you’re not ready for a black kitchen scheme which is understandable since it could be a shock for most homeowners, then why not opt for a row of dark-toned cupboards surrounded by neutral hues. For instance, choose the combination of wooden cupboards, white worktops, and beautiful window splashback to balance out the entire look of your kitchen.

Incorporate Some Wood

For an added touch of texture, you could use wood cabinets painted with ink-black colour for an exciting look. This design idea is not too common even in urban homes, so you’ll surely be one of the few homeowners to own this piece if you ever decide to have one.

Opt for the tongue-and-groove for a vintage vibe, or large veneered panellings for a stylish, contemporary look. You could also search for other textured wall features with black finishes, such as stone blocks and brick-effects to widen your options.

Add Contrasting Colour

Just matt kitchen units are gorgeous and have lots of character, it doesn’t mean you have to ignore your love for light and airy hues. After all, you can easily mix the whites with black. In this design inspiration, the entirety of the kitchen is kept muted and uncluttered, with only a few pieces of dark coloured units for a contrasting focal feature. It’s stylish and functional without looking flat and boring.

Choose To Be Bold

More often than not, homeowners are too afraid to choose dark, bold colours in compact areas especially when the said area needs to be functional, practical, and spacious all the same time.

However, this small and narrow kitchen shows us how well it can work, as long as everything is well-balanced. The abundance of natural light is also necessary since it helps make the room look bigger and brighter, so be sure to mount large windows in cramped spaces of your home.

Experimenting with bold, intense colours are always a good idea if you have the confidence to do so. Create your very own black matt kitchens with the help of these inspiring designs!


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