Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Luxury Shower Columns and Panels

Have you heard of massage shower panels? They are just one of your options, and yes, they certainly sound luxurious. Luxury shower panels are an upgrade that you can consider, especially if you are planning on a shower redesign or a new installation. Check out the benefits of shower panels by ANZZI, including those massage panels for showers. Just exactly what does that mean?


It means a great experience for sure. Would you like to have much more enjoyable showers? Thanks to those massage shower panels, you can indeed. If you think they are going to take up a ton of space, you’re mistaken. You see, that’s one of the extra benefits when it comes to these panels. You don’t need a tub to have massaging jets. You can now have a shower that provides the same type of experience, only in a unique way. Of course, if you still have a tub, make it luxurious as well.

You will see different price points for ANZZI shower columns and panels, so be sure that you still operate on a budget. They are said to be great for any bathroom, so you shouldn’t have to worry about anything if you plan on just upgrading the shower panels only. If in doubt, just ask a bathroom contractor because he or she will certainly know everything about these panels.

They are easily installed according to the reviews. For sure, there are likely some that require more steps for installation. Consider what you want, and keep the ease of installation in mind along with that price point. Also, pay attention to the features of the massage jets themselves. You want to have the best experience. If you are going to pay extra money for massage panels to go in your shower, then you want what you will enjoy.


If your bathroom is smaller, that’s fine. These accessories are said to be good for most any bathroom as mentioned. Some of these panels don’t even look like they need to be ‘installed’ at all by a professional. Instead, you simply hang them up, adjust the settings the way you like and enjoy your shower. Do they have to be plugged in? You certainly have other questions, and looking at the various models available for luxury shower panels will help you discover what to do next. Pretty soon, you will be getting that shower massage you have been waiting for.

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