Sunday 24 February 2019
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Key Plumbing Maintenance Tips You Need to Consider

The plumbing system is an important component of a house. In fact, it makes up to 15 percent of the total value of the house. Efficient plumbing systems add convenience to modern living and allow you to enjoy clean and fresh water. This post will look into some of the ways you can maintain your plumbing system and ensure it operates as smoothly as possible.

Kitchen Maintenance

The kitchen is the most commonly affected area. The drains often become clogged with aster and debris and the faucets that bring the pipes together often become loose, spilling water in the kitchen. You need to check your kitchen drains regularly to ensure they are not clogged. If you find they are clogged, then use a thin but firm wire to remove the debris. If the problem is deeper, then call a plumbing expert to help you out. Also, never put cooking oils or grease down the sink. Grease and fats can coagulate and form solid deposits inside the pipes, blocking efficient water flow.

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Bathroom Maintenance

The bathroom is another area where you need to take a lot of precautions. A problem with one or two plumbing elements connecting the bathroom to the main sewer line can cause serious problems in the house, including growth of mold and mildew. Make sure you observe the best practices to reduce the clogs in the bathroom drains. Reduce the use of bath oils to prevent the drains from clogging. Install screens on the bathroom drain to block large debris from doing down the main pipes. Never use the toilet as a trash can. The toilet drains are only designed to accommodate human waste, not anything else.

Monthly Maintenance

For proper flow and functionality of your plumbing system, it is ideal you perform monthly maintenance. Monthly maintenance routines are usually less intensive, unless there is a major problem. During this routine, examine the plumbing system yourself or hire a plumber to do it. Check for any slab leak or other leaks under the sinks. Test the sinks and drains to see if they are draining the water efficiently. A good drain should allow water to flow without any bubbles. Turn on taps and any other water faucets in the house. A good system should not have any water coming from the faucets.

Seasonal Maintenance

You should also perform seasonal maintenance. This could be either after six months, one year or every season. Seasonal maintenance is more intensive than monthly maintenance. It requires you to dig deeper and possibly go up to the sewer line. It is advisable to hire a qualified plumber do the maintenance if you have no experience with plumbing. The plumber will conduct a thorough inspection of the system and correct any problems he finds.

The plumbing system is the lifeblood of your house. It affects your level of comfort as well as happiness. Not to mention, it can increase or decrease the resale value of your home. Therefore, you need to conduct regular maintenance and repair so that it can serve you better.

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