Sunday 24 February 2019
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Is It Time for New Turf and Topsoil?

The school holidays are fast approaching and if that means your lawn is going to be under pressure from marauding children and their toys including footballs, bicycles and scooters, is your turf ready for the onslaught?

Whether it’s a childminder’s play area or a domestic space, allow it to captivate you, your family and guests over the next few months. Don’t entertain on what looks like waste ground, just a few hours work can transform irksome to delightful.

Whilst many people look at low maintenance artificial lawn installations, the least expensive way to lay and replace turf is with the fresh, living option. It’s highly recommended that turf and topsoil are installed together for optimum health and longevity and although there’s a little maintenance work to be done from time to time you can’t beat a sweet smelling, springy, vibrant area of turf to bring summer days to life.

Turf costs approximately £4 per square metre from most turf suppliers and look out for offers. Rivar Sand and Gravel in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham have Inturf Classic turf, a leading brand of the utmost quality, available for £3.50 at the time of writing.

Topsoil, green compost and 4mm grit for drainage are combined in Supa soil and compost mix. It’s an exceptional product available in bulk bags for around £70.

Wise turf suppliers urge customers to purchase turf and topsoil.

This is not to make a tidy profit at the customer’s expense. Topsoil is vital to improve the nutritional attributes in the soil the turf rests on and there is a strong argument that neglecting to improve soil quality makes your turf less able to thrive. Yes, you make an installation saving but will probably lose the health and longevity of the turf much sooner so the saving is a false one.

The most cheap and cheerful method is to use grass seed but this takes time to mature, summer will be fading in to autumn before you see a pleasant result and as the exterior is used as a room throughout warmer months wouldn’t you rather be gazing at turf not sprouting seeds and birds feasting on them?

Almost every landscaping materials option works well with turf because it’s natural. From green basalt gravel which adds other shades of green to compliment the lawn to black porcelain paving which contrasts, to a Modak Rose Indian sandstone circle which is unique and charming, to strong edging products which allow lawn shaping, there are many ways that your lawn can avoid being a listless green rectangle seemingly detached from your overall design and landscaping vision.

You don’t need acres of lawn; a courtyard space with one square metre of turf and topsoil delivers a boost to an exterior.

Remember, specialist landscaping materials stockists including Rivar Sand and Gravel, will offer advice freely. They have the experience, training, qualifications and commitment to customer service which allows you to have peace of mind, invest wisely and reap the benefits for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for?

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