Sunday 24 February 2019
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How You Can Make Your Patio Look Absolutely Awesome!

Just like the inside of our homes, thepatio will definitely blossom from some extra grooming, be it via new furniture or a range of cool looking accessories. (Or maybe a bit of both!)

In which case, let’s take a little peekat how a patio can be made to looknot only amazing, but also elegant!

External Curtains

There’s beyond a doubt a more relaxing feel added bythe sight of some glamorouslooking rolling curtains on any patio.

  • They ooze a slice of romance, and give the whole area a subtle shade of that cool feel of the Mediterranean.
  • They also make any patio look slightly larger, with the focus being on height with lovely long draped panels hung on fancy ornamental rods and hooks.

White is a popular colour, but external drapes can be a fantastic way of adding some extra dash of colour to a patio, as in blue, green, orange, turquoise or red.

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Today, awningshave become increasingly favoured, and certainly help in adding an extra individual touch to any patio!

  • An aesthetically designed and crafted awning can act as either a shelter, or as an ideal place to sit, kick back and enjoy a tasty meal during the warmer times of the year.

Great looking outdoor awnings in Melbourne, now come in awide range of designs and coloursto suit everybody’s home and give it that individual and classy aura.


Relax in hip style on your patio with the choice of a humble rope or thin stringed hammock. If youwant to read a book or feel like having a nap, a good old fashioned hammock is a great friend over the warmer months.

  • A hammock is something which everybodyrecognisesimmediately and wants to enjoy.

Maybe you enjoyed having a nap, sunbathing or even camping in a hammock in the past, and so it’s not only for the cool looks, it’s a required accessory!

LightingCafé Style

Just like in your favourite café or restaurant, these will certainly stand out on your patio!

  • There’s something so heart-warming with these wonderful hanging string lights which puts a smile on the faces of everyone. )

Such a cheap addition to any patio get the neighbours talking!

Sweet Sound of Water

In the background, having the soft, sweet trickling sound of water will make you feel like you’re in a mystical garden.

  • Having this water feature on your patio will add an extra feeling of Geomancy(Feng Shui) and comments galore from visitors and nosey neighbours!

There are manydesigns, including table top, wall-mounted or freestanding, and placed among some plants and trees, will look and sound absolutely amazing.

(PS –You will need a power outlet within range or just get one fitted)

Looking How You Knew It Always Could

Hopefully sooner than later, you will be spending more relaxing and fun hours on your newly transformed patio!

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