Saturday 23 February 2019
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How to Make Your House More Contemporary (On a Budget)

Contemporary style is on trend right now, with more and more people now looking to update their homes than ever before. However, not everyone has masses of cash to splash out therefore it is important that people understand how this can be achieved on a budget. Luckily for all today we are going to be listing just some of the best budget strategies that people can use to make their homes more contemporary, with the ultimate intention of providing all with the knowledge that they need to make their homes look fabulous.

Here goes…

Keep it neutral – Using a simple colour scheme is the simplest way of achieving a cohesive contemporary appearance, and can also make rooms looks larger. Neutral colours do not have to be boring either; different tones and hues can be layered to create something extraordinary.  It is also a good idea to use many different textures and materials to add to the visual appeal – This can work much better than adding a range of colours.

Consider wallpaper–Wallpaper is often showcased in contemporary homes and designs, providing a great way to bridge gaps between traditional and current. If you are looking for something contemporary you should look for wallpaper that stand out, great choices can include bold statements wallpapers and geometric prints.

Update light fixtures – You would be surprised how much different light fittings can make to rooms, and they don’t have to be expensive either. Rooms can be given a contemporary edge through light fittings alone, with man contemporary designers now choosing large pendant light fittings in chrome finishes.

Use modern furniture – When looking for a contemporary vibe people must consider the furniture that they are going to showcase in their rooms – Mixing different styles and eras together can really work to provide modern aesthetics. Furniture doesn’t have to be the same style or colour but it must work together. Try to have a couple of pieces that stand out from the rest such a cool sofa and funky modern lamp.

Get a contemporary fireplace – Contemporary fireplaces of course hold the ability to make any room look more contemporary and luckily for all contemporary fireplaces in London do not have to cost a fortune either, with many suppliers now holding huge sales for all to take advantage of.  There are many different styles of contemporary fireplace available too, from those with brushed metal finishes that hang on the wall, to fireplaces that are built into the wall creating seamless appearances.

Install barn doors – A rising number of contemporary designers are now choosing to incorporate barn doors into their designs – The weathered wood is known to add a grounding effect to otherwise simple interiors and really can be visually stunning. To add extra oomph some people choose to have sliding barn doors.

These are only some of the ways that people can update their homes to make them look more contemporary too, of course there are many more and it is all about choosing what is right for you and your taste. If you can think of any other great ways that people could make a big difference for low costs, do not hesitate to comment below and share your thoughts.

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