Saturday 23 February 2019
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How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Keeping your house in order and decently tidy is quite a difficult task, unless you have someone to help you. Then it’s a difficult task for them. With all the food remains, grease, oil and dirty dishes, the kitchen seems to be among the top most difficult spots when it comes to maintaining tidiness.

But there are always some small tips and tricks from professional cleaners at Maid This, that can help you keep this part of the house as clean as possible. The problem is it’s being used so often and it has to be cleaned equally often, which can be really demanding and tiring.

So the best solution is always not to let the things pile up. Anyway, here are a few pieces of advice that might make your life a bit easier.

Start Clean

Before you start making lunch, make sure your dishwasher and sink are empty. That way you are sure to have enough bowls and dishes you need to prepare you lunch. Also, you will have enough space for peeling, cutting and other fun activities.

Finally, you will have enough room to discard all the dirty dishes you no longer need. It is the best way to make sure the things don’t pile up too much.  

It should keep the cleaning situation manageable and allow you to make your lunch in peace, without worrying about how much you will have to clean later.

Clean while Doing Other Things

This is one of the best and most efficient methods to save time and energy. For instance, while you are waiting for the water to boil, you can wash some small dishes or put them in the dishwasher.

Likewise, you can use the time to wipe the countertops, or sort the spices, or clean any potential mess you have in your kitchen.

Or while you are braising the vegetables, you can still a few minutes between the stirs to wash or clean something.

Additionally, cleaning on the way will be much more efficient and easier if you have adopted the first piece of advice and started cooking with an empty sink and an empty dishwasher.

Keep Your Countertops Clean and Clear

Even though cute kitchen accessories sure look inviting and can make your kitchen look better, having too many of them, no matter how cute they are, might make the place look really messy and crammed. So it is better not to exaggerate with details.

Instead, keep the things simple and make sure you have enough storage space for the dishes, food, spices as well as cleaning equipment, which should always be at hand.

If you really can’t resist cute kitchen details, then at least opt for some beautiful yet practical boxes or baskets in which you can sort things. That way they will look more ordered. And of course, once they are stuff-free, the countertops will be much easier to clean. So make sure you do that regularly and properly.

Manage All That Junk

Trash is one of the greatest mess-makers in the kitchen. If there’s too much of it, it really looks nasty, not to mention the smell.

So for a clean kitchen, it is really important to have cans and containers that are big enough. Of course, always make sure you separate the garbage properly. Each of the containers for all the types of garbage should be large enough, and of course, the garbage should be taken out regularly.

Sure, the simplest and easiest way is to take it on your way out. But if it piles up in the meantime, don’t be lazy, use a pause while you’re cooking and take it out, before it starts to look and smell too nasty.

If you can’t find the time to actually clean your kitchen on your own, you can find help from places like and get your kitchen and the whole house professionally cleaned.

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