Sunday 24 February 2019
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How to Improve Your Garden Layout Using Balustrades on Decking Areas

While maintaining your outdoor composite decking space, you always prefer a decking balustrade. The balustrade not only adds security to your decking area but also amplify its lookout from all aspects. Today, there are multiple formats of balustrades that can be installed in your garden.

Below are some of the best options that you can opt.

Glass with Stainless Steel Uprights:

Being the trendiest format of the balustrade, it is highly recommended over all others. It encompasses nearly 10mm tough glass along with corrosion resistant handrails. Its height can be chosen according to the needs. It is the easiest and trendiest of all balustrades for your garden.


Glass with No Frames:

The glass balustrade along with stainless steel uprights is quite a good, but for many of the homeowners, avoiding frames is also a better alternative. In this case, the glasses are adjusted alongside, without any steel frames. Even being without frames, the 10mm tough glass is still used to strengthen your boundary. This is used to add a panoramic view of your garden.

Cable Balustrade:

It is the old and traditional format of fencing your garden. However, with the passage of time, the designs have been changes. In the cable balustrades, you will find composite balustrade connected with the cable inserts. It helps you divide the open space into sections and let you define each section separately. Here, you are allowed to choose from composite as well as cable handrails, according to your liking.

But among all the formats mentioned above, glass balustrades are highly preferred. Below are the reasons that make it the top-ranked.

Easy to Maintain:

Maintenance is always a major concern when it comes to investing heavy amount on the balustrade. Whenever you pay the high amount, you will obviously prefer the one that encompasses the least maintenance. And that’s what glass balustrade best known is for. As compared to the traditional timber decking balustrade, you will find the maintenance of glass balustrade easy.

Pure Luxury Feel:

A balustrade on your decking area will be easily visible to all. So, you would always prefer to choose the best option that can give you luxury feel along with a cost-effective price. The glass balustrade is the best alternative to other formats when it comes to offering a luxury feel to your decking area.

Easy Installation:

The glass balustrade is most convenient to install in your deck area. As there is no complicated architecture in glass balustrade, it becomes easy for you to install it at any place of your choice. Once you hire the best team, you will also get guidance and support to take care of your balustrades.

Final Verdict:

Finally, it’s all about your preference and choice that you make to add charm to your garden. You can get in touch with the architect and find the best alternative for your decking area. Along with the best suggestion, you need to ensure your budget and requirements that will also help you find the best balustrade option for your garden.

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