Sunday 24 February 2019
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How to clean your air conditioner – Air conditioning maintenance

As you will have probably understood, the indoor unit “split” or “console” blows hot or cold air depending on the mode selected on the remote control, but where does this air come from?

The indoor unit simply recovers the ambient air from the room in which it is installed thanks to the turbine that sucks from the top of the unit and blows from below and directs the airflow using the shutters directional blowing.

Detailed route of the airflow:

  • Drawn from the top of the unit
  • Passage through the pre-filters
  • Passage into the exchanger (cold or hot depending on the mode)
  • Passage in the turbine for blowing oriented by the shutters, in the room

Through these explanations, wish you understand that the maintenance of the indoor unit is essential in order to maintain a healthy ambient air, and the maintenance of the two units makes it possible to use the capacities of the air conditioning at 100%. If you do not do this, you can make sure that, depending on how you use it, your air conditioning will response in the same way.

Consequences of poor maintenance:

Loss of efficiency of air conditioning: the air has no place to pass either in the indoor or outdoor unit, so it can no longer be sucked or blown, so more hot and cold.

Clogging the turbine because with time: the dust happens to pass, loss of efficiency of the ventilation and deterioration of the turbine engine

Deterioration of the quality of the indoor air: the little air that will pass will be in direct contact with the bacteria, viruses and other parasites that proliferate, and that are contained in these dusts held inside the air conditioning and harmful to the health of any human being, and even animals.

How to maintain air conditioning?

The golden rule is to take your time for this delicate step for anyone who has never disassembled the hood of its indoor air conditioning unit. Some plastics may prove to be fragile over time, not to mention that depending on the brand of air conditioning you have, the quality may be lower, so avoid over-stressing at one stage.

Cleaning the air pre-filters

They include the plate heat exchanger in its entirety so that the air sucked by the turbine is filtered in its entirety before being heated or cooled by the exchanger. Frequency of cleaning: Every 3 months in summer / winter use – Every 2 months if also used in off-season. Frequency of replacement: They change only in case of degradation (cut or torn).A reliable air conditioner cleaning service provider can market any type of air conditioning filter, do not hesitate to consult the “air conditioning filters” section of their shop, or make a request for availability and price through the contact section of their site!

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