Sunday 24 February 2019
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How to Choose a Letting Agent in Bristol

During the past few years the population in rental property has increased in an interesting rate. That implies letting properties has become one of the major sections in the estate industry. By 2013, 36% of the households in England and Wales were rented rather than owner-occupied. Taking these factors in to consideration, many estate companies have begun to involve in the letting division too. It has paved the way for emerge of opportunities for many letting agents. Now there is a considerable number of letting agents in the region.

When it comes to Bristol, there are many letting agents in the area, but you have to be careful and in alert when choosing the correct letting agents as they all are not good and experienced agents. Therefore when choosing a letting agent, it is important to consider following facts.  Choose the service level In most of the letting divisions there are three levels of service.

  1. Tenant-find

When you select this level, the letting agent will take care of finding a tenant for your property. But all the other management things will have to handle by the landlord.

  1. Tenant find + rent collection

Through this level, letting agent will not only take care of finding a tenant, they also will get the responsibility of collecting the rental.

  1. Full Management

When you select this level, letting agent will take care of every factor related to letting the property. They will contact the landlord when only there’s an emergency.


This is a very important factor that you should consider. A better letting agent will always take care of the paperwork. They will check all the details about the tenant and will get the certificates needed from relevant departments.  Marketing strategies and advertising Longer it takes to find a tenant, more money you have to spend. So it is important to find a tenant quickly for your property. For this process a letting agent should possess good marketing strategies and advertising levels. Therefore it is better if you ask the letting agent about their marketing and advertising.  Client Money Protection A letting agent should have a better solution when it comes to money protection.

They are the ones who take care of the rental collection, maintenance money and deposits. As a landlord you should make sure that you have the service of a reputed letting agent who works under a code. The above factors are major considerations that you have to do when selecting a letting agent to let your property. There are many other factors too. But a letting agent who possesses above qualities will surely have the other qualifications too. There it should be clear to you that by following these factors you can choose the best letting agent.

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