Friday 19 April 2019
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How to Care for Infinity Pools

Infinity swimming pool with beautiful view on Aegean Sea at the luxury hotel, Turkey

In case you don’t already know, infinity pools are pretty awesome. The disappearing edge of the pool, it makes the whole thing appear like some kind of magic. In fact, it is just good engineering. Coupled with great design, there are some fantastic and impressive infinity pools around the world.

However, just like many other engineering feats, it does require a certain level of maintenance in order to ensure that it functions as intended. Professionals at Payan Pools know a lot about the maintenance of all kinds of pools, and they share some of the special tips about the marvels that are infinity pools.

How Do They Work?

One of the edges of the pool (the disappearing edge) is slightly lower than the other sides, which ensures that the water reaches the very top of it when it is still and undisturbed. That’s what creates the borderless feeling that these pools have.

However, when the pool is in use, some water will inevitably be splashed outside, because even the small waves created by swimming will disrupt the calm of the water surface, and the edge isn’t high enough to stop it.

That’s why there is a secondary basin down the disappearing edge, which captures the water which was spilled and returns it to the system after it has gone through the filters.

Clean the Basin

Even though it may be discrete and hardly noticed, the basin which captures the water will have to be cleaned, just like the rest of the pool. A lot of different buildups can form on it if it’s left without maintenance, including algae growth and limestone.

However, with proper care, it won’t impede the functionality of your pool and you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Full

Some of the water will evaporate from your pool, most pool owners know that. However, with a regular pool, it’s not such a big issue as it is with an infinity pool. Regular pools can lose a few inches of water and you’d hardly notice any difference.

However, with infinity pools, even a small change can disrupt the design and reveal the disappearing edge, ruining the illusion. What’s more, the water in the shallow catch basin will evaporate faster than that in the pool.

The Pump Is the Heart of Your Infinity Pool

This pool design requires the pump to be turned on at all times and for the water to be constantly in motion, especially to return the water from the catch basin back into the main pool.

However, that can put a bit of a strain on your pump. And you might want to pay attention to the performance of the pump from time to time, just to ensure that it is not slowing down or getting louder.

If you notice any kind of change, consult your pool technician or the store which sold you the pump about pump maintenance.

Regulate the Water Chemical Balance

Every pool needs to have the perfect pH and other chemical values in order to be suitable for swimming and to remain crystal clear.

However, it can be particularly important for infinity pool owners to pay attention to this because the water will evaporate a lot, and you will need to replenish it more. You may need ot use the chemicals more often than you used to with a regular pool.

Even though it may seem that all the additional maintenance is a hassle, infinity pools are still a fantastic and entertaining piece of property to have.

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