Saturday 23 February 2019
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How to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Several homeowners regularly invest a considerable amount of time and effort to maintain the external parts of their home. This enables them to enjoy quality time with their loved ones or host parties, especially in summer. Curb appeal can drastically enhance the appearance of your home and make it the cynosure of every eyes in the neighborhood. More so, the value of your property is bound to increase anytime you feel like selling it. Check out the most effective ways to improve your home’s curb appeal.

  • Clean your surroundings

Eliminate every item that are no longer valuable in your surroundings. In case there are certain things that you can still give out or may need later, keep them somewhere safe like the garage. Later on, get rid of dirt, debris and cobwebs that have accumulated over time. Once you’re through with this step, use a pressure washer or garden hose to wash the walkways, driveways and walls thoroughly. Avoid tampering with the siding and electrical wires as you wash.

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  • Maintain your lawn

Lawns or gardens are regarded as an integral part of any yard. Maintaining a lawn involves raking, edging, mowing, weeding, watering among other things. Take care of your lawn regularly or hire professionals to handle the task. Purchase necessary tools or equipment such as sprayers, Lawn Irrigation Controllers, mowers and spreaders. It’s ideal to visit reputable stores whether you’re buying them online or offline. You can even opt for synthetic turf in order to save time and stress.

  • Revamp the front door

The front door is quite different from other doors in a house. Visitors will always notice it as soon as they arrive at your home. It’s imperative to create a good impression all the time. Old and damaged doors should be replaced with quality ones and don’t hesitate to repair faulty doors. A good front door must be able to protect your home and withstand adverse weather conditions throughout the year. Remember to add an attractive doormat too.  

  • Inspect the garage door

Garage doors help to protect families and their properties from invaders. Ensure that you invite a skilled technician to service your garage door at least once in a year and as soon as it needs a repair. The best thing is to invest in a high-quality door if the existing one isn’t as efficient as before. There are lots of options that will suit your lifestyle, needs and budget. The latest models come with exciting features that include an option to control them remotely via smartphones or tablets.

  • Add other elements

At times, the external part of your home may only need another coat of weather proof paint. Including other elements can transform your landscape and it doesn’t cost a fortune. For instance, using energy efficient LED bulbs or solar powered energy fixtures often keep intruders at bay and helps to lower energy cost. Another thing is to adorn your surroundings with different plants and a fountain. Many homeowners are handling these types of project themselves after going through online tutorials.  

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