Wednesday 24 April 2019
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How Can Solar Help LEED Certified Projects Seattle

Our experience working with corporate clients who want to bring solar photovoltaic systems in as part of their plan to earn LEED certification is essential in earning it. LEED certification is a framework for finding and implementing green building construction, design, maintenance, and operations. If your corporation is seeking third-party certification that its buildings were designed to meet these standards, then we are happy to offer our extensive solar experience as part of your LEED strategy.

The U.S. Green Building Council established the LEED certification process in 2000, and it aims to achieve high performance in environmental and human health.

LEED certified projects Seattle buildings are built to the highest standards, and this increases their resale value. LEED buildings is also good for public relations because it provide points in the areas of sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation and design process, and regional priority credits.

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Solar projects can help a building reach its LEED certification. In the energy and atmosphere category, solar projects can give buildings a big boost toward certification. Specifically, this is the on-site renewable energy, or EA Credit 2, credit. This credit is worth up to 7 possible LEED points, which can be more than 17 percent of the total points required for certification.  Points are awarded by the percentage of the building’s energy costs that are offset by the renewable energy system on-site. Your building just has to get 13 percent of its energy being provided by solar energy to earn all 7 LEED points.

Additionally, solar systems can also get LEED points for solar parking canopy projects and Solar Renewable Energy Credit procurement programs. So you can see how much solar plays an important role in helping your company’s building to achieve LEED certification.

As you consider the different ways you can make your building LEED-certified, remember the vital part that solar energy plays in helping you achieve LEED certification. Contact us today to help your LEED certified projects Seattle. We are ready to help your organization work toward solar energy self-sufficiency. To have a business building that is environmentally friendly sets an important example to other businesses and even to your customers about how essential it is to take care of the resources we have and to use them wisely. Our experience and knowledge will help you on the road toward LEED certification, and we are happy to partner with you to achieve this important goal.

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