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Housing Management

Housing management means providing housing to existing and new tenants, offering proper tenancy agreement, organizing repairs, housing support, managing, providing information and advising when the tenants are facing problems.

Housing Manager

A housing manager is responsible for managing the housing related services on behalf of the local authorities, private sector organizations, and housing associations. The role of housing manager comprises of managing the selected housing and keep checking up on the tenants, managing the rental income and managing the repairs.

Housing managers may work for particular clients like minority group of people, homeless people, disabled people, etc. Their working is limited however changing the working framework depends on the central office or local housing office.

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Let’s discuss the main responsibilities of housing managers

There are no fixed responsibilities of housing manager as their work depends on the organization, its location, size. However, their typical responsibilities include:

  •    Identifying rents, monitoring collection and developing the housing policies.
  •    Interviewing with the tenants and offering advice to the tenant, purchasing the house.
  •    Checking the properties.
  •    Applications of processing for housing repairs and improvements. Communicating the tenants.
  •    Managing loans and granting maintain programs.
  •    Collecting information and resolving the nuisance with the neighbors.
  •    Preparation of cases and attending the court hearings.
  •    Managing the tenancy breaches and leasehold agreements.

Skills Required to be a Housing Manager

You will be required to have following skills to be a housing manager-

  •    Empathy and sensitivity
  •    A dedication to work with dynamic group of people
  •    Ability to please the customer
  •    Ability to work strongly a team
  •    IT skills
  •    Leadership qualities
  •    Ability to put forwards effective negotiation
  •    Tenacity and self-motivation
  •    Problem-solving skills
  •    Numeracy skills
  •    Ability to take initiative during making decisions

What to expect from Housing Manager?

  •    Housing managers tend work on the office with the occasional visit with the tenants.
  •    For different posts, especially who are in social housing, managers encourage applications from understated groups so that they are able to serve the clients better
  •    The job tends to get stressful at times especially when sensitive and frustrated clients are involved
  •    Traveling during the working hours is quite common however traveling abroad or staying overnight is not often.

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Qualifications of Housing Manager

While all graduates are welcome for this post, the certain degrees can increase the chances of getting a job.

  •    Economics
  •    Facilities management
  •    Management studies
  •    Housing
  •    Law
  •    Property or estate management
  •    Planning
  •    Social policy or sociology
  •    Politics, social or public administration
  •    Urban studies

Subjects that are related to housing management is economic, business studies, property and social. The following subjects are given more importance when applying for a housing management job-

  •    Estate management
  •    Public administration
  •    Business management
  •    Urban studies
  •    Housing

Some housing companies also offer graduate trainee programs. These programs offer the students with the opportunity to get experience in this department and sometimes also provide professional qualification.  

Mary Murtagh is one of the renowned names in housing management industry who became a CEO of EAH Housing in 1986. She employees over 450 staff that serve more than 20,000 clients.  She aims at providing affordable housing to the clients and helps in raising their quality of life.  


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