Sunday 24 February 2019
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Get your chimney cleaned regularly

Chimney sweep comprises of removing the blockages, build-up of creosote from your firebox, chimney liner, smoke chamber and damper. If you are using wood stove or fireplace regularly but do not remember the last time when your chimney was cleaned then probably it is overdue. Now, you need to get your chimney cleaned using the right method. When it comes to chimney there are two options either do it yourself or call a professional chimney cleaner. DIY method can work when the problem is small but if issues are bigger then you surely need to call the professional who can provide a thorough chimney cleaning service according to your needs.

Schedule chimney inspection once in a year: To ensure that all your systems are working orderly and operating at their best, you need to make a thorough chimney inspection once in a year. Most of home owners who uses their fireplace regularly should opt for chimney cleaning one or two times in a year. Other systems connected to stoves and furnace should be cleaned on a regular basis. Furnace, stoves, and fireplace are the most important parts of your home. You should never cut corner on this area. Your little negligence can drive to expensive repairs or even chimney fire.

How often you should get your chimney cleaned?

If you are confused how often you should clean your chimney, the solution is simple that you need to clean your chimney depending on how much you use your furnace and stove. Generally, chimney requires to be cleaned at least once in a year for freedom from deposits, soundness and correct clearance. Even if you are not using it then when you need to use it, you should go for chimney cleaning as the chimney is open and squirrel, birds, raccoons may have been using it. So you need to make a chimney sweep before you use it after a long time.


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