Saturday 23 February 2019
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Four Easy Steps to Become the Perfect Tenant

In 2016, data found that 30.9% of people rent property in Australia. You will need to meet with a landlord to become a tenant. A landlord needs to have trustworthy tenants to keep a business running properly. It’s understandable to wonder what separates a good tenant from a bad one. In this post, you will learn four steps to become the perfect tenant.

Keep Your Rental Cleaned

One major concern of any landlord is the cleanliness of their properties. A landlord needs to fill vacancies to collect more rent. No landlord is able to predict which tenants will keep a rental looking great. The day will come when you decide to move out of your rental. Landlords will often conduct an inspection to ensure the property isn’t damaged beyond repair. Whizz end of bond cleaners will help ensure your rental is ready for a landlord inspection.

Ensure Rent is Paid in a Timely Manner

Paying your rent payments on time is extremely important. In many cases, a landlord continues makes monthly mortgage payments for their properties. Your monthly rent payment helps to ensure the landlord’s mortgage payments are on time. You don’t want to test the waters to find out if a landlord is lenient with late rental payments. A landlord can become a valuable reference for the future of a tenant. You don’t want to burn this bridge by failing to pay rent.

Let Landlord Know When Something Needs Fixing

Don’t feel intimidated by having to call your landlord to report an issue. Many first-time tenants may feel like they are in trouble for reporting a maintenance issue. Every landlord knows that properties have problems that happen from time to time. You don’t want to ignore or fail to report an issue with your rental. Waiting too long may cause a small and easily fixable problem to become a major expense for your landlord.

Don’t Sneak in Extra Guests

A lease agreement will have certain terms associated with it. Many leases require that you report who plans on living with you. A lease is a signed legal document which isn’t something you want to break. Sneaking in additional guests to live with you can damage a landlord and tenant relationship. If you want another person to live with, you’ll need to request permission from your landlord.

In summary, there are several steps to take to become a perfect tenant. It’s imperative that you keep your rental property clean. No landlord wants to deal with a dilapidated dwelling after a tenant moves away. Paying rent on time is something every landlord wants from a tenant. Major repairs need to be brought to the attention of a landlord. Failure to report small problems can lead to a landlord tackling major renovations in the future. Ensure you follow all rules of a written tenant agreement by not bringing in extra guests. Following these four tips will make you a tenant that every landlord appreciates.

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