Sunday 24 February 2019
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Family Gardens

Children. Gone is the priceless porcelain, in with the smooth cornered furniture and bump-friendly flooring. Outside, the party area may be replaced with a swing and slide or the paving with a softer surface like turf or landscaping bark.

Bless them, children tend to trip and fall, shed a few tears and then they’re back making mischief, exploring and generally exhausting the adults.

Unfortunately, according to 130000 children are injured in their gardens each year.

RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, recommends fall preventing barriers, level paving and steady steps to minimise risks.

Why not create a garden that suits all ages but with dedicated areas for the little ones to run and play in?

For example:

  • Would your children or grandchildren like a Harry Potter inspired Hogwarts tree house?
  • Railway sleeper stepping stones or seats in a hidden area?
  • Perhaps they would adore a fairyland set in a landscaping bark filled forest?
  • A boldly coloured play area with springy turf beneath the toys?
  • A fenced off or gated beach area or sandpit?
  • A playhouse with its own garden?

Don’t let your garden be a bike and football dumping ground any longer. Bring it to life.

Let your imagination run free as you design areas that children and the young at heart will love to spend time in.

By calling in to a garden centre Tadley, Rivar Sand and Gravel is a leading local name, you’ll find the landscaping materials which offer everything for a family garden at competitive prices.

  • Aesthetic appeal.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Varying maintenance requirements.
  • Installation advice.
  • Ancillary products e.g. membrane to halt weeds on landscaping bark paths, framework for gravel.
  • Orders are delivered to site or can be taken away with you.
  • Friendly service, knowledgeable staff.

Landscaping bark has excellent visual and textural appeal. It lasts for several years and children can play on it and with it.

Frequently supplied in bulk bags or sacks, landscaping bark pieces are 35mm-60mm and the mixture contains approximately 20% wood.  Always ensure that your landscaping bark is Forestry Stewardship Council approved and from a sustainable source.

If you aren’t sure how much you need to use, please ask at a garden centre Tadley, the staff will be able to calculate this for you. 5cm-10cm depth is best and you’ll need an amount for top ups as the landscaping bark disintegrates and composts over time.

Who doesn’t relish rolling down a grassy hill?

Leading turf suppliers stock the popular Classic Inturf product. It’s fine leaved, beautiful, fresh and will instantly make play and socialising a sweet-smelling treat.  Please lay nutrient rich topsoil before the turf to give it vital air circulation and nourishment.

Artificial turf is extremely low maintenance but it can become hot under the sun’s rays. It makes an excellent surface for sport so if you have an aspiring David Beckham or Johanna Konta in your family, this is a viable option.

Ensure that your exterior space reflects your family’s personality, spend happy hours in safe surroundings.

A garden centre Tadley beckons.

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