Saturday 23 February 2019
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Expertly-Fit Carpets in Cambridge for Household Perfection

The carpet that you choose for the home is, in many ways, going to define the space as a whole. The carpeting will typically be a visually-dominant aspect of the room, but it isn’t just the style of carpet that impacts the appearance.

The quality of the installation can actually have a dramatic impact on the final outcome, and a poor installation is almost always noticeable. Loose carpeting, as a result of the carpet being cut too big, can be both a tripping hazard and a visual distraction, but the reverse is a carpet cut too small, which may result in visual gaps along the edges.

It’s important that your carpet providers can also guarantee a precise installation so that the appearance of your carpet isn’t affected by such needless errors.

Precision Fits for Optimal Performance

It all begins with a visit to your property to collect the measurements needed for accurate carpet cutting, which is especially important if the carpet should cover the entire floor space. Otherwise, you can wind up with the errors named above.

Oftentimes, your carpet suppliers may intentionally cut the carpet slightly larger than their measurement. After all, you can always cut it shorter, but you can never make it long once it has already been cut. If necessary, they can make an additional cut on the carpet to ensure a seamless fit. Chesterton Carpets carpet fitters in Cambridge are industry-trained professionals capable of absolute precision in carpet cutting, and when it comes to the look and performance of your home, you can’t settle for anything less.

Domestic and Commercial Fitting

This goes for both commercial and domestic clients, and precise commercial carpet fitting is perhaps more important than precision at home.

After all, people come in and out of your business on a daily basis, and hundreds of people seeing an obviously poorly-installed carpet is no good for your reputation. Making sure that your carpet work is being carried out by trained, reliable professionals allows you to have some peace of mind being able to look at your carpet with satisfaction.

Huge Selection of Carpets to Choose from

As carpet providers and installers, your carpet professionals can go over a huge selection of styles and colours, allowing you to choose the one that best suits the business or the home’s interior. As professionals, your carpet suppliers can also guide you through the selection process and help you pick out something that is going to complement the rest of the building. In addition to installation precision, your carpet professionals may also be precise with the suitability of their picks.

With high-quality carpet comes a high-quality service that extends all the way to the delivery and the installation. While it’s not necessarily a fun thing to do, selecting a carpet is an important one nonetheless, and a great installation team can make the process as simple as possible, minimising disruption and guarantee a satisfying final result that looks excellent and performs even better.

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