Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Everything You Need to Know About Scaffolding Work

Scaffolding work is primarily required on construction sites, especially during the construction of larger buildings. Workers often have to climb to higher platforms and usually need to carry heavy loads with them on higher levels. While the construction of the building is still underway, there really aren’t any convenient access platforms or points that can be reached. Therefore, scaffolding must be erected around the building structure so that workers can move around freely. In the past, most of the scaffolding around buildings was usually constructed out of wood. However, that trend has completely changed now. Wood was resilient and durable, but was susceptible to cracking under heavy loads. However, aluminium and other lightweight materials are preferred nowadays, as they can withstand heavy loads and are also incredibly durable.

Types of Platforms

Companies such as Star Aluminium Scaffolding specialise in putting up different kinds of scaffolding. Not only do they offer custom scaffolding erection work, but they also deal with a variety of other access platforms, including ladder platforms, folding platforms, trestles, planks, order pickers, and a lot more. Most of these platforms are required when working on elevated heights and are adjustable. Movable scaffolding towers are also readily available through these companies in different sizes. These towers have wheels underneath and a solid platform on which the workers can stand. The good thing about these platforms is that they are designed to be quite mobile. You can move them around anywhere on the construction site, and just apply the brakes to fix them in position.

Renting Scaffolding

Most contractors usually rent scaffolding from private companies instead of buying the platforms outright. Because of the dynamic nature of different construction projects, it generally makes sense for contractors to rent the equipment. Once the project is completed, the equipment is returned back to the company. Before you rent scaffolding from any company, it is important that you first call a consultant on site.

The consultant will carefully evaluate your construction needs and give you an idea about the different kinds of scaffolding platforms that you will require for the project. They will also give you an estimate for the rental costs of the scaffolding. The company will deliver the scaffolding platforms directly to the construction site. Most of the scaffolding platforms that are used nowadays are incredibly mobile and modular in nature, which means they can be set up on site within a matter of minutes. Transportation is also surprisingly straightforward, since they can be folded down directly. You can do your research and find out the costs of renting the scaffolding from several companies before making your decision. This can help you save some money on the construction work.

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